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Google to toughen privacy policy, undergo audits

Google Inc. has agreed to implement a comprehensive privacy policy and undergo 20 years of independent audits as part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission in connection with charges that it used deceptive tactics and violated promises to customers when launching its Buzz social network last year. Get the full story »

Microsoft co-founder relaunches tech patent suit

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen relaunched a wide-ranging patent lawsuit against Apple, Google, Facebook and others with specific allegations that the companies are illegally using technology owned by his company. Get the full story »

Time Warner moves ahead on premium on-demand

Time Warner Inc. could offer premium video-on-demand as early as the first quarter for $20 to $30 per movie in a trial, the company’s CFO said Thursday.

Time Warner is considering making movies available for rent on pay television services shortly after their theatrical release and before their DVD release, Chief Financial Officer John Martin said at a Goldman Sachs investor conference in New York. Get the full story »

Google claims to speed searches with Instant

Google Inc. unveiled a set of enhancements to its Internet search engine Wednesday that predict search queries as users type, promising to speed up the time it takes to find information online.

Google Instant, which is being launched Wednesday in the United States, delivers search results on a Web page before a user finishes typing in a query. The search results displayed on the page refresh and change as the user continues typing additional letters of the search term. Get the full story »

Google scoops up air travel data firm ITA Software

Google Inc. is poised to shake-up the online travel market with its $700-million acquisition of ITA Software Inc., whose search engine tools are used to power leading Web-based travel agencies like Chicago-based Orbitz Worldwide.

The all-cash deal announced Thursday would make Google a vendor to — and potential competitor of — many of the most prominent online travel sites, including,, Hotwire Group and Microsoft Corp.’s Bing Travel.

The deal is almost certain to face tough scrutiny from federal antitrust officials, given Google’s conflicted role and its clout as a sprawling Internet giant. Get the full story »

Illinois attorney general is investigating Google

By Wailin Wong | Illinois has joined a list of governments in the U.S. and worldwide that are probing Google’s data collection for the search giant’s Street View service.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan said Wednesday her office is investigating whether the California-based company gathered personal information from state residents. Street View is used in Google Maps and Google Earth to show photos at the street level, displaying pictures taken by special camera equipment mounted on cars and other vehicles.

The controversy over Street View arose last month, when Google admitted to inadvertently capturing and storing bits of private information sent over unencrypted WiFi networks. This “payload data,” as the information is called, can include e-mails, passwords and browsing activity.

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Google jolts Internet search with rollout of Caffeine

McClatchy-Tribune News | Internet giant Google is putting some buzz into its search results, announcing on its official blog late Tuesday that it has completed its new Caffeine search index.

“Caffeine provides 50 percent fresher results for Web searches than our last index, and it’s the largest collection of Web content we’ve offered,” Carrie Grimes, a Google software engineer, said in the post.

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Google: $3.2 billion impact on Illinois businesses

By Wailin Wong
Google generated $3.2 billion for Illinois businesses in 2009, the
search engine said Tuesday as part of a nationwide announcement about
the company’s impact on state economies.

The publication of the “Google’s Economic Impact” report marks the first
time the company has released this kind of data. Google calculated its
figures by estimating the profits businesses derive from advertising though the
search engine.

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Appolicious signs agreement with Yahoo

By Wailin Wong | Chicago-based Appolicious Inc., whose websites help consumers sort through the growing market of mobile phone applications, has signed an agreement with Yahoo! where its content will be linked to on sites such as Yahoo News, Sports and Finance.

Appolicious, which was started last year by entrepreneur Al Warms, combines independent reviews with social-networking tools such as ratings and profiles. The bulk of the company’s content centers on apps for the iPhone, but it’s also adding information about apps for Android, Google’s operating system for mobile phones.

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Facebook bigger than Google in the U.S.

Facebook.jpgFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in 2007. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

By Wailin Wong | Social networking platform Facebook racked up the most U.S. hits on its Web site last week, edging past search giant Google to be the country’s most-visited site for that period, according to data from research firm Hitwise.

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Google attack linked to sophisticated Asian hackers

The Wall Street Journal | U.S. investigators are focusing on a prominent Asian hacking group that is likely Chinese as the probable perpetrator of the recent attacks on Google. The group used sophisticated data-masking techniques to hack into the search giant’s computer systems. It is still unclear whether the hacking group has any connections to the Chinese government.

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