Walgreen Co.

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Walgreens to install charging stations for electric cars

Walgreen Co. announced today it will install charging stations for electric vehicles as part of a Chicago-area public charging infrastructure rollout led by California-based 350Green LLC.

Already, more than 150 private charging stations have been installed throughout the city, and an additional 280 public charging stations have been announced for the Chicago area. Walgreens is the first company is the first retail partner to formally announce their participation in the $8.9 million project. Get the full story »

Drugstore.com, Walgreens talked for a year before deal

Drugstore.com rejected a pair of lower offers from Walgreen Co. during a yearlong courtship before accepting a third proposal worth about $429 million, the Bellevue, Wash.-based Internet retailer disclosed in a regulatory filing Wednesday.

Drugstore.com agreed March 23 to be bought by Walgreens, the nation’s largest drugstore chain, for $3.80 a share in cash, a 111 percent premium over the stock’s closing price a week earlier. The planned purchase, which is subject to approval by drugstore.com shareholders, is expected to be final by the end of June. Get the full story »

Duane Reade boosts Walgreen’s March sales 7%

Walgreen Co. said today its March sales rose 7.6 percent in March, helped in part by its acquisition last year of New York pharmacy chain Duane Reade. Get the full story »

Walgreens, Chase, TiVo warn of email breach

A data breach at one of the world’s largest providers of marketing-email services may have enabled unauthorized people to access the names and email addresses for customers of major financial-services, retailing and other companies.

While no financial information was compromised, the major concern is that the emails and names could be used for “phishing,” that is, phony emails asking unsuspecting consumers to divulge information such as account numbers, log-ins or Social Security numbers. Get the full story »

Credit Suisse sees strong 2012 for Walgreen Co.

A Credit Suisse analyst upgraded shares of Walgreen Co. on Tuesday, saying the drugstore chain should have a strong year in 2012. Get the full story »

Walgreens to buy Drugstore.com for $400M

Customers at a Walgreens in Vernon Hills, Ill. (Lane Christiansen/Chicago Tribune)

Expanding further into the fast-growing business of online retail, Walgreen Co. said Thursday it will buy Drugstore.com for more than $400 million.

The deal comes just weeks after the Deerfield-based drugstore giant said it would shed its pharmacy benefit management business for more than $500 million. That deal, Walgreens said, would help it better focus on its primary business of serving customers’ daily health and living needs. Get the full story »

Glaxo lawyer: Abbott used HIV drug as weapon

Abbott Laboratories improperly hiked the price of one drug to help it preserve sales growth of one of its other HIV blockbusters, an attorney for GlaxoSmithKline told a jury. Get the full story »

Prescriptions help boost Walgreen profit 10%

The pharmacy of a Walgreen's store in New York. (JB Reed/Bloomberg)

Buoyed by an increase in the number of prescriptions it fills, Walgreen Co. this morning reported a 10 percent increase in its second-quarter profits.

The Deerfield-based drug store giant said earnings grew to $739 million, or 80 cents a share, compared to $669 million, or 68 cents a share, in the quarter ended Feb. 28. Revenues rose 8.9 percent to $18.5 billion.

Still, the price of Walgreen Co. shares fell $2.76, or 6.6 percent, to $39.21 a share on Tuesday because some analysts were unhappy with the company’s profit margins and higher expenses in the quarter. Selling, general and administrative expenses jumped 8 percent in the quarter to $4.1 billion. Get the full story »

FDA: Beware of fake potassium iodide products

In the wake of the crisis in Japan, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is advising consumers to beware of inadvertently buying fake iodide products that are supposed to help protect against radiation.

Products to watch out for include fake tablets and liquids purporting to be iodide, as well as dietary supplements and other products that say they protect against radiation, said the spokesperson adding there are only three FDA-approved potassium iodide products that protect against radiation. Get the full story »

Walgreen Co. accused of selling patient data

A lawsuit filed in California this week accuses national drug-store chain Walgreen Co. of unlawfully selling medical information gleaned from patient prescriptions, another front in the battle over personal information.

Unlike suits that focus on patient privacy, the plaintiffs accuse Walgreen Co. of depriving them of the commercial value of their own prescription information. Get the full story »

Walgreen to sell pharmacy benefits business

A Walgreens on Michigan Avenue. (Bonnie Trafelet/Chicago Tribune)

Walgreen Co. said Wednesday it will sell its pharmacy benefit management business, which increasingly has conflicted with the drugstore giant’s push to get consumers to fill their prescriptions at the pharmacy counter.

The Deerfield-based company will sell Walgreens Health Initiatives for $525 million in cash to Catalyst Health Solutions Inc. of Rockville, Md. The deal is expected to close in June. Get the full story »

Walgreen sales get boost from Duane Reade

Deerfield-based pharmacy giant Walgreen Co. said last month’s sales were up nearly 8 percent, boosted by its acquisition of the large Duane Reade pharmacy chain in New York. Get the full story »

Walgreens compounds Tamiflu amid shortage

With seasonal influenza widespread in more than 40 states, Walgreen Co. said it has begun “compounding” Tamiflu to keep with the antiviral drug in adequate supply.

In rare instances, pharmacists will “compound” or mix ingredients in order to fill a prescription. In this case, pharmacists take the Tamiflu capsules, break them down and mix them with a cherry syrup, said Walgreens spokesman Jim Cohn. A spike in demand for the liquid form, largely prescribed to children, has triggered a shortage. Get the full story »

Walgreen sales up 6.1% in January

Walgreens said its same-store in January increased 6.1 percent, led by a 6.9 percent rise in same-store pharmacy sales. Pharmacy sales accounted for two-thirds of Walgreen’s total sales of $5.93 billion in January. Get the full story »

Walgreens expanding preventive medical services

Walgreens said it will allocate $100 million over the next four years to providing medical tests and preventive medical services as the Deerfield-based pharmacy giant continues to establish itself as a national provider of health care. Get the full story »