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Sears sues to keep DieHard name off sex spray

Sears Roebuck and Co. and one of its companies have filed suit in U.S. District Court in Chicago against a Georgia online company for selling a sexual enhancement product marketed under the “DieHard” brand name.

Sears and KCD IP LLC, an affiliate of Sears which owns trademark rights to “DieHard,” charge that RockHard Laboratories LLC and RockHard Laboratories Holdings LLC infringed on its trademark and caused its reputation to suffer from the online marketing of RockHard’s topical desensitizing spray. Get the full story »

Fortune Brands sued over vodka lip design

From the Las Vegas Sun | A southern Nevada company that markets flavored vodka is suing industry giant Fortune Brands Inc. and its Jim Beam Brands Co. unit, alleging trademark infringement. Get the full story »

Trademark suit threatens Xoom launch

From CBS’ BNet | San Francisco-based Xoom Corp. filed suit against Motorola’s trademark entity seeking a “temporary restraining order and/or preliminary injunction” as well as a permanent injunction against use of the Xoom name. If granted, Motorola would have to immediately stop the launch of its high-buzz Xoom tablet computer until it could either legally resolve the matter or find another name. Get the full story>>

Kraft sues to protect Oreo brand

Kraft Foods Inc. has sued India’s Britannia Industries Ltd. in an Indian court over trademark and copyright violations of its Oreo cookies brand, the Economic Times reported Wednesday. Get the full story »

IHOP pancake chain drops suit against church

The pancake chain that sued a church for using its nickname without permission appears to have flipped its legal strategy.

The International House of Pancakes restaurant chain, known as IHOP, has ended its trademark infringement lawsuit against the International House of Prayer, citing “on-going mediation discussions” with the church. Get the full story »

Hell’s Angels sue Saks, Alexander McQueen

Bloomberg News | The Hell’s Angels have sued Alexander McQueen and Saks, charging trademark infringement over use of the club’s death-head mark on fashion accessories.

Jimmy John’s sues Halsted Street Deli

From Crain’s Chicago Business | Champaign-based Jimmy John Enterprises LLC has filed a lawsuit accusing the Chicago-based parent of Halsted Street Deli, for infringing on two of its trademarked sandwiches — Turkey Tom and Hunter’s Club.. Get the full story>>

Hefty sues Glad for trademark infringement

The locally owned maker of Hefty trash bags this week filed a lawsuit alleging trademark infringement and unfair competition against rival bag maker Glad Products Co.

In the suit, Pactiv Corp., based in Lake Forest, said that for 17 years it has used the word “basics” on its bags and its stylized mark was trademarked in September  1993. The company charged that Glad is using the word “basic” in connection with its own trash bags, creating confusion in the consumer’s mind between the two brands.   Get the full story »

Brinks Hofer lays off 18 more staffers

Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione laid off 18 people Tuesday, including seven lawyers, its second round of cutbacks in eight months.

Fifteen of the 18 were based in the home office in Chicago, said Gary Ropski, president of the firm that specializes in intellectual property law. The layoffs affected 4.5 percent of the firm’s workforce of about 400. Get the full story »

Lawsuit says ‘uncommon’ is too common

The word “uncommon” has become a little too common for two Web sites — and — who are locked in a legal battle over their namesakes. Get the full story »

Colgate sues to use “nurdle” on toothpaste

In a battle between two big toothpaste makers, Colgate-Palmolive Co. sued GlaxoSmithKline Plc Thursday, seeking a court order that its use of the “Triple Action” tagline and a three-stripe “nurdle” does not infringe the latter’s trademarks.

Colgate said it is concerned that Glaxo, which makes Aquafresh toothpaste, might sue over its use of the nurdle, given that the British company recently filed a trademark application that covers its design. Get the full story »