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United to operate charter flights for Giants

United Airlines said Thursday it has agreed to fly the San Francisco Giants baseball team to road games and work with the defending World Series champions on customer and fan promotions.

The Chicago-based airline will also get its name on more signs inside the Giants’ stadium, AT&T Park, and on the schedule page of the baseball club’s website under a letter of agreement signed by the team and the air carrier. Financial terms were not disclosed. Get the full story »

FAA beefing up overnight air traffic control

Overnight staffing will be beefed up at 26 airports nationwide, federal air-safety officials said, in response to a spate of air-traffic controllers falling asleep on duty. In the latest incident, the pilot of an airborne ambulance landed in Nevada on Wednesday without help from a dozing controller. Get the full story »

United Continental traffic declines in March

United Continental Holdings Inc. said traffic at United and Continental airlines fell at a faster pace in March. Get the full story »

United, Continental cutting capacity to Japan

United and Continental airlines are reducing flights between the U.S. and Japan because of a drop in demand since the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Get the full story »

FBI investigates hole found in US Airways jet

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into a hole possibly caused by a bullet discovered Monday in the fuselage of a US Airways Group Inc.  plane in a pre-flight inspection at an airport in Charlotte, N.C., Bloomberg News reported Tuesday on its website, citing the airline. Get the full story »

American to waive fee to change Miami flights

A customer speaks with an agent at the American Airlines ticket counter at Miami International Airport, March 24, 2011. (John W. Adkisson/Getty Images)

With airline traffic badly snarled by a blaze at Miami International Airport, American Airlines said Friday that it wouldn’t charge Miami-bound passengers a fee for switching flights to another airport or traveling on another day.

Cancellations and delays have soared as airlines struggled to refuel planes after a fire in the airport’s fuel farm Wednesday night. At mid-day Friday, 95 departures at Miami International had been canceled and just 43 percent of flights left on-time, according to The site, which monitors airline traffic, tallied 106 cancellations on Thursday out of 570 scheduled departures. Get the full story »

Air traffic controllers working alone cause concern

Fatigued from working his fourth straight night-shift, an control tower supervisor nodded off on the job early Wednesday morning, leaving Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport without anybody to monitor traffic for nearly half an hour.

As details of the incident emerged Thursday, federal officials suspended the controller and debate heated up over staffing of the lonely, late-night shifts when air traffic dwindles to a trickle. Get the full story »

Chicago plane finds snoozing tower in D.C.

The air traffic tower at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Washington. (Karen Bleier/Getty)

Federal air-safety officials are looking into why the lone air-traffic controller on duty at Washington’s Reagan National Airport early Wednesday repeatedly failed to respond to pilots of two approaching aircraft, forcing both jetliners to land without clearance.

Pilots of an American Airlines jet on final approach tried in vain to contact the tower. A few minutes later, a United Airlines jet, en route from Chicago, experienced the same problem, according to federal air-safety officials. Get the full story »

Radiation on O’Hare flights deemed no threat

Federal officials found traces of radiation on United and American airlines jets that arrived at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport from Tokyo Wednesday, but later determined that the planes’ cargo and passengers were not at risk.

As concerns mount about the radiation spewing into the atmosphere from Japan’s crippled nuclear reactors, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said it had begun monitoring airline and maritime traffic for radiation contamination “out of an abundance of caution.” Get the full story »

Unions balk as Japan woes put flight crews on edge

Rising radiation levels and continual aftershocks rumbling through Tokyo are raising tensions between pilots and managers at U.S. carriers flying to central Japan.

Union leaders at United and Continental Airlines say flight crews are anxious about deteriorating conditions in Tokyo, where the carriers’ pilots and flight attendants recuperate from long trans-Pacific flights. Get the full story »

City, airlines reach deal on O’Hare runways

By Jon Hilkevitch | Mayor Richard Daley and United and American airlines have negotiated a breakthrough, $1.7 billion deal to continue runway construction at O’Hare International Airport, according to the United States Department of Transportation.

The department issued a news release this morning that said the agreement on the O’Hare Modernization Program will allow work to begin on an additional south runway at the airport in addition to other improvements that would allow O’Hare to “deal with increasing traffic.”

United, Delta, American cancel most Japan flights

The three largest U.S. carriers scrambled Friday to ensure that employees in Japan were safe as they re-routed passengers and aircraft bound for the earthquake-stricken country.

United, Delta and American airlines canceled many, but not all, flights to Japan Friday and offered to waive booking fees for those who opted to cancel or reschedule travel there as the country recovers from one of the largest earthquakes on record. Get the full story »

O’Hare among 8 airports opening to Cuba flights

Eight new airports have been given permission to schedule charter flights to and from Cuba.

Customs and Border Protection officials say charter flights to Cuba can be scheduled from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and international airports in Baltimore, Dallas/Fort Worth, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Atlanta and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Get the full story »

Southwest works to burnish Midway performance

Southwest Airlines’ struggles with on-time reliability continued in January and dragged down results at Chicago’s Midway Airport, its largest hub, federal data show.

The low-cost carrier is hiring workers and adding three departure gates to improve results at Midway, which again had the lowest rate of on-time departures among major airports. Get the full story »

Southwest recovers from 2 glitches, snarled flights

Southwest Airlines is recovering from two unrelated computer outages Tuesday that caused the carrier’s online reservations systems to crash and briefly snarled its flight operations.

The technical foul-ups were resolved overnight, said Southwest spokesman Chris Mainz, via e-mail. “We may have had some temporary periods of slowness as we are still working through all issues with the conversion, but for the most part it’s been running smoothly today,” he added.
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