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Windows 8 is coming soon for PCs, tablets

Information screen for Windows 8. (Microsoft)

While most of the world has yet to upgrade to Windows 7, Microsoft is gearing up to launch the next version of its PC operating system.

Web forums lit up last week with the news that PC manufacturers had just gotten their hands on a new Windows 8 test build. Several analysts reported that equipment makers had received “early beta“ test versions of the operating system. Get the full story »

Apple’s iPad 2 hits overseas stores after U.S. sellout

Hundreds of customers formed long lines outside Apple stores on Friday for the international launch of the iPad 2, which has flown off the shelves in the United States and left the company struggling to meet demand. Get the full story »

Apple to stick to iPad 2 global rollout schedule

Apple Inc. will stick to plans to roll out its newest iPad on Friday to 25 more markets, including France and the United Kingdom, even as it fails to meet the high demand for the gadget in the United States.

In affirming its international plans, Apple did not provide any hard figures for U.S. sales since the newest iPad, a thinner and faster version that features two cameras for video chat, was introduced March 11. Prices start at $499. Get the full story »

Blackberry Playbook to go on sale April 19

Research In Motion’s long-awaited tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook, will go on sale in the United States and Canada on April 19 at a base price of $499. Get the full story »

Motorola’s Wi-Fi-only Xoom to sell for $599

Motorola Mobility says it will start selling a Wi-Fi-only version of its Xoom tablet computer for $599 on March 27. Get the full story »

Apple iPad 2 sells out in first weekend

(Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Apple Inc.’s new iPad 2 flew off of the shelves on its first weekend. The company’s stores in major U.S. cities had sold out of the updated tablet device within hours of its introduction at 5 p.m. local time Friday, according to surveys by analysts. On Sunday, Apple’s online store was showing a shipping delay of three to four weeks for all of the versions of the iPad 2.

Analysts put sales of the new iPad in the range of 400,000 to 600,000 units during its first three days on the market, about the same range as the original model sold its first week. Get the full story »

Apple to start iPad 2 sales online in wee hours

Apple Inc. will kick off online sales of its new iPad in the early hours Friday before its evening store launch of the tablet computer.

Consumers can start buying the iPad 2 on Apple’s website at 3 a.m. Central time Friday while customers who want to purchase it in a store will have to wait until 4 p.m., Apple said. Get the full story »

Jobs introduces faster, more powerful iPad

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduces iPad 2. (Getty Images)

Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder and CEO,  unveiled the second generation iPad tablet computer Wednesday in San Francisco.

Saying that the legion of tablet competitors that has sprung up have not even matched Gen I, Jobs, whose latest medical leave has raised speculation about the future of the company, said the new tablet is a total redesign. Get the full story »

Trademark suit threatens Xoom launch

From CBS’ BNet | San Francisco-based Xoom Corp. filed suit against Motorola’s trademark entity seeking a “temporary restraining order and/or preliminary injunction” as well as a permanent injunction against use of the Xoom name. If granted, Motorola would have to immediately stop the launch of its high-buzz Xoom tablet computer until it could either legally resolve the matter or find another name. Get the full story>>

Analysts: Motorola’s Xoom has plenty of power

Motorola’s new Xoom tablet computer has enough power under the hood to challenge Apple Inc.’s iPad, according to analysis by market researchers IHS iSuppli, but buyers might be disappointed to find that it will need new hardware to work on new, high-speed networks. Get the full story »

Motorola Mobility CEO defends $800 Xoom price

Motorola Mobility Chief Executive Sanjay Jha defended his decision to sell the company’s coming Xoom tablet in the U.S. at $800, a higher price tag than market leader Apple Inc.’s iPad.

Jha, speaking to reporters at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, said a device that was 4G compatible on Verizon’s network was worth the extra money. A 32GB iPad with 3G currently retails in the U.S. for $729. Get the full story »

RIM’s PlayBook to span all high-speed access

Research In Motion, maker of the BlackBerry smart phone, will release its PlayBook tablet computer on two more high-speed network standards in the second half of 2011, the company said Monday.

The move to offer LTE and HSPA+ versions of its PlayBook guarantees access to the most advanced wireless data networks in the world, including all major carriers in North America. Get the full story »

HP to pit ‘TouchPad’ against iPad this summer

Hewlett-Packard Co. unveiled its entrant in the tablet race, announcing a touchscreen device for summer release called the TouchPad to try to steal momentum from Apple Inc’s popular iPad.

The 9.7-inch tablet runs on the webOS mobile operating system, which HP acquired last summer in its $1.2 billion purchase of handheld device pioneer Palm. Get the full story »

Report: Apple begins production of new iPad

Apple Inc. has started manufacturing a new version of its iPad tablet computer with a built-in camera and faster processor, said people familiar with the matter.

The new iPad will be thinner and lighter than the first model, these people said. It will have at least one camera on the front of the device, but the resolution of the display will be similar to the first iPad, these people said. It will also have more memory and a more powerful graphics processor, they said.

The new iPad will initially be available through Verizon Wireless and AT&T Inc., but not Sprint Nextel Corp. or T-Mobile USA in the U.S., according to some of the people familiar with the matter. Get the full story »

Dell prepares Windows tablet in mobile push

Dell Inc. showed off a tablet device for business users that runs Microsoft’s Windows software, as the personal computer company continues to push aggressively into the mobile market.

Though many analysts believe the current version of Windows is not a good fit for touchscreen tablets, Dell said its commercial customers are looking for the familiarity and security of the Microsoft environment in a more portable package. Get the full story »