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White House: Body scan concerns to be considered

An airline passenger under goes a full body scan at O'Hare Wednesday. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

With the first U.S. holiday travel rush welling up, the White House said Monday the government will take into account the American public’s concerns and complaints as it evaluates rigid new airline boarding security checks.

President Barack Obama’s spokesman, Robert Gibbs, said the government is “desperately” trying to balance procedures that maximize security and minimize invasiveness. He says the Transportation Security Administration procedures will continue to evolve. Get the full story »

White House: No to broad foreclosure moratorium

The White House on Tuesday expressed opposition to a broad moratorium on home foreclosures, warning there could be some unintended consequences for the housing market. Get the full story »

Ex-Obama aide: Extend all tax cuts for 2 years

U.S. tax cuts should be extended for all Americans to help spur the economy, but even the middle-class cuts should end in two years, former U.S. budget director Peter Orszag said Tuesday.

Orszag’s views differed from those of his former boss, President Barack Obama. Get the full story »

Bush-era tax cuts likely on fall agenda for Congress

A congressional debate about extending Bush-era tax cuts for middle class American families will probably happen later this year, the White House said  Monday.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said the debate would probably happen in the fall, before the conclusions of a fiscal commission appointed by President Barack Obama  on the U.S. deficit challenge, which is due by year-end.