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NBA average ticket prices down 2 years in a row

Most of the National Basketball Association’s 30 teams either kept their average ticket prices unchanged or reduced them this year as the weak U.S. economy continued to affect North American professional sports leagues.

The average ticket price went down 2.5 percent to $48.08, a year after it fell 2.8 percent to mark the first decline in eight years, according to Team Marketing Report, which compiles such data for all the major North American sports leagues. Get the full story »

Championship season seen for sports logo goods

Demand for jerseys, caps, video games, toasters and other items with sports logos has been a winner this year, and teams and leagues expect that streak to continue into the holiday season even with unemployment still high.

“If your team is winning and you’re excited about it, you want to be a part of it,” said Stu Crystal, vice president of consumer products for Major League Soccer. “It makes them forget about worrying if they’re going to lose their job or their houses went down in value and how they’re going to pay the mortgage.” Get the full story »

Tigers’, Red Wings’ owner in talks for Pistons

The owner of the Little Caesars Pizza chain and Detroit’s baseball and ice hockey teams has opened negotiations to buy the Detroit Pistons basketball team, according to two reports. Get the full story »