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Middle class not better off than their parents

Are you better off than your parents? Probably not if you’re in the middle class.

Incomes for 90 percent of Americans have been stuck in neutral, and it’s not just because of the Great Recession. Middle-class incomes have been stagnant for at least a generation, while the wealthiest tier has surged ahead at lighting speed. Get the full story »

White House: August jobs report reassuring

The White House on Friday greeted a better than expected August employment report as reassuring news after a recent spate of “unsettling” economic data, and reiterated it was working with Congress to take additional steps to boost U.S. growth and hiring. Get the full story »

Bush-era tax cuts likely on fall agenda for Congress

A congressional debate about extending Bush-era tax cuts for middle class American families will probably happen later this year, the White House said  Monday.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said the debate would probably happen in the fall, before the conclusions of a fiscal commission appointed by President Barack Obama  on the U.S. deficit challenge, which is due by year-end.