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Yahoo to keep search records for 18 months

Yahoo has made a big about-face by extending the amount of time it will keep user search records to 18 months from 90 days. Get the full story »

Yahoo unveils upgraded Web search function

Yahoo Inc has revamped its Internet search service to sense queries and showcase answers from movie listings to weather forecasts, even as users are typing in a word. Get the full story »

Facebook hires Google exec to boost M&A

Facebook has hired a member of Google Inc.’s corporate development team to lead its fledgling merger and acquisition efforts.

Amin Zoufonoun, a director of corporate development at Google, will join the world’s No.1 Internet social network company next week, Facebook confirmed Monday. Get the full story »

Google, EU in antitrust settlement talks

Google and European Union regulators are in tentative talks to resolve an antitrust probe against the Internet’s dominant search engine, a source familiar with the case said Monday.

A deal could avert a lengthy battle and possible fine for the U.S.-based company. Get the full story »

Google to add hacking warnings to search results

Google has been posting malware warnings on suspicious search results for years, but now it’ll also add notifications to sites that might have been hacked.

When a site raises red flags, Google will add a link under the main search result that says, “This site may be compromised,” the company said in a blog post. Google will useĀ  automated tools designed to search for common signs of hacking.