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Ireland in aid talks with EU, rescue likely

Ireland is in talks to receive emergency funding from the European Union and is likely to become the second euro zone country after Greece to obtain an international rescue, official sources said on Friday.

Irish borrowing costs have shot to record highs this week because of concern about the country’s ability to reduce a public debt burden swollen by bank bailouts, and worries that private bond holders could be forced to shoulder part of the costs of any bailout by taking “haircuts” on their holdings. Get the full story »

Dollar dealt another blow

The dollar fell sharply against a broad range of currencies Thursday as prospects for Asian economic growth contrasted with the likely need for more stimulus in the U.S.

A monetary-tightening move overnight by the Monetary Authority of Singapore accelerated the dollar’s slide, knocking the greenback to long-term lows against rivals in Asia, Europe and North America before regaining some poise in New York trading. Get the full story »

Aon, Hewitt deal wins EU regulatory approval

U.S. insurance brokerage Aon Corp. won European Union regulatory approval on Tuesday to purchase Hewitt Associates, creating the world’s largest human resources services company. Aon, the world’s largest insurance brokerage, launched the $4.9 billion bid for Hewitt in July. The transaction was referred to the European Commission, the EU’s competition authority, in August. Get the full story »

EU regulators to review Sara Lee-S.C. Johnson deal

EU regulators will review a bid by bug spray maker S.C. Johnson to purchase Sara Lee Corp.’s remaining insecticide business at the request of national watchdogs, the European Commission said on Wednesday. Sara Lee announced the $200 million deal in June as part of a strategy of focusing on selling food, coffee and tea. Get the full story »

EU regulators challenge Sara Lee-Unilever deal

The European Union’s antitrust regulator has formally obnected to Unilever’s planned $1.67 billion acquisition of Sara Lee Corp.’s shower-gel and European detergents business. Paul Matthews, a London-based spokesman for Unilever, said the company remains confident that a “positive agreement” can be reached by the end of the year.

EU approves United-Continental merger

The proposed merger of United Airlines and Continental Airlines cleared its first regulatory hurdle on Tuesday, as the European Union said it would approve the deal. But the merger, which would create the largest airline in the world, must still pass muster with U.S. antitrust officials. The mega-deal is expected to face far more rigorous scrutiny from the U.S. Department of Justice, which isn’t expected to wrap up its probe until later this year.

European officials, in a review of the transaction that began on June 21, quickly determined that it wouldn’t adversely affect competition, given the relatively light overlap between United and Continental on trans-Atlantic routes.

However, the EU continues to separately investigate a proposed joint venture that would allow United, Continental, Air Canada and Germany’s Lufthansa AG to closely coordinate north Atlantic flights, as well as share revenues.

EU appeals WTO ruling against Airbus

The European Union plans on Wednesday appealed a World Trade Organization ruling that Airbus SAS received $20 billion in illegal government subsidies that unfairly tilted the global aircraft market — to the detriment of Chicago-based Boeing Co. The appeal had been widely expected, and will likely prolong the already long-running dispute between the E.U. and U.S. over government funding to planemakers Airbus and Boeing. Get the full story »

Airbus calls for trade talks as ruling nears

Airbus is calling for talks between the United States and the European Union to end the trans-Atlantic fight over subsidies to aircraft manufacturers. Airbus says it’s the only way to end the costly six-year dispute.