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BP scales back Crosstown Cup sponsorship

ct-biz-crosstown-web.jpgFrom left, Cubs owner Tom Ricketts jokes with Cubs players Randy Wells and Marlon Byrd on April 26, 2010, the day the Cubs and White Sox made the Crosstown Cup official. (Michael Tercha/ Chicago Tribune)

By Wailin Wong | The BP oil spill in the Gulf has leaked into the company’s sponsorship
of the BP Crosstown Cup, the six-game series between the Cubs and White Sox that kicks off next week.

The company is still sponsoring the series, but “we’ve scaled back efforts a little bit” as a result of events in the Gulf, said Kevin Saghy, a Cubs spokesman. He said BP has already started some in-store promotions for the Cup, but has cut back on other planned events, as well as advertising and media outreach. The teams are also considering a more subtle presentation of the trophy, Saghy said.

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