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Anderson Cooper’s new show adds Chicago stations

Local affiliate stations from around the country are giving the thumbs-up to a syndicated daily talk show with CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper.

In the past 10 days, some 40 stations have inked for “Anderson” for their schedules this fall, making the New York-based show a firm go for the upcoming season. They come on the heels of launch clearances with Tribune’s WPIX in New York and Fox outlets in L.A., Chicago and Boston. Get the full story »

Lou Dobbs lands at Fox Business Network

News Corp.’s  Fox Business Network has signed a multi-year contract with former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, who will host a daily show on the network beginning in the first quarter.

Dobbs also will appear on  a variety of Fox Business programs to provide analysis and commentary. He will continue to host his radio talk shows and financial reports, Fox Business said. Get the full story »