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Anheuser, baseball renew Budweiser sponsorship

Anheuser-Busch Inc, the maker of Budweiser beer, and Major League Baseball announced a multi-year renewal of their sponsorship agreement, averting a possible end to a more than 30-year relationship. Get the full story »

Free Budweiser offer causes confusion

This free Budweiser’s for you. But so is the job of figuring out when and where to get it.

Anheuser-Busch InBev announced this week that a “Budweiser National Happy Hour” kicks off next Wednesday with free samples at bars and restaurants. But because local and state laws limit alcohol sampling, the brewer can’t give any more specifics.

Budweiser campaign to give away free beer Sept. 29

Free Bud, Sept. 29. (AP)

This Bud’s for everybody. In response to slipping sales, Anheuser-Busch is handing out free beer. The company will host a “National Happy Hour” on Sept. 29, according to several news outlets, in an attempt to woo some consumers to its brew, and remind others why they used to drink it.

“On-premise sampling is the old standby of point-of-purchase sales tactics,” Beer Business Daily editor Harry Schumacher noted in an email to subscribers this morning. “You buy people beers in bars, they like it and they like you, and then it drives off-premise sales.” Get the full story »

Busch loses bid to trademark Bud across Europe

From the Wall Street Journal | Europe’s highest court has ruled that Anheuser-BuschInBev cannot get a trademark for the Budweiser brand across the continent.