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AT&T to upgrade Chicago network speed, access

AT&T will install 35 new cell sites in the Chicago area to increase network coverage as part of the company’s $19 billion nationwide investment plan. The company will dedicate $160 million in improvements in metropolitan Chicago. Get the full story »

Planned Internet wireless network threatens GPS

A new, ultra-fast wireless Internet network is threatening to overpower GPS signals across the U.S. and interfere with everything from airplanes to police cars to consumer navigation devices.

The problem stems from a recent government decision to let a Virginia company called LightSquared build a nationwide broadband network using airwaves next to those used for GPS. Manufacturers of GPS equipment warn that strong signals from the planned network could jam existing navigation systems. Get the full story »

Kansas City gets Google’s ultra high-speed network

Google Inc. said Wednesday it has selected Kansas City, Kan., as the first  site for its ultra-fast broadband network. Get the full story »

Ill. broadband connections outnumber landlines

The number of broadband Internet connections in Illinois has exceeded the number of phone landlines for the first time, a sign that the use of traditional phone service continues to decline. Get the full story »

AT&T: T-Mobile 3G phones will need to be replaced

AT&T says that if its deal to buy T-Mobile USA goes through, T-Mobile subscribers with “3G” phones will need to replace those to keep their wireless broadband service working. Get the full story »

Comcast earnings soar; now hard part begins

Comcast surpassed analysts’ estimates for its earnings in the final quarter of 2010 — its final period before adding NBC Universal to its mix. The company’s operating income grew rose 10.8 percent for the quarter. Revenue was up 7.2 percent to $9.72 billion.

Now the work begins. Despite all of the talk about the importance of fixing the ailing NBC broadcast network or the glamour of entering the movie business, Roberts said the first priority of his lieutenant, NBC Universal Chief Executive Steve Burke, would be “to maintain the strong momentum and focus of the cable channels.”

FCC to use rural phone subsidies for broadband

Government regulators are planning to overhaul the $8 billion federal program that subsidizes telephone service in poor and rural areas to pay for high-speed Internet connections.

The Federal Communications Commission voted 5-0 Tuesday to begin drafting a blueprint to bring the federal program, the Universal Service Fund, into the digital age. Get the full story »

Comcast, Time Warner strike major content deal‎

Comcast Corp., the nation’s largest cable and broadband provider, has struck a wide-ranging deal with Time Warner Inc. that will give the company access to content that it can distribute across numerous platforms.

The multiyear deal means that Comcast subscribers will be able to access Time Warner-owned programming from networks that include TBS and TNT online.

FCC chief sets conditions for Comcast, NBC deal

The head of the Federal Communications Commission is laying out regulatory conditions to ensure that cable giant Comcast Corp. cannot stifle video competition once it takes control of NBC Universal.

The conditions are intended to guarantee that existing subscription television services and new online video services can still get access to NBC content. Get the full story »

FCC has votes for open-Internet rules

The Federal Communications Commission is poised to adopt Internet traffic rules on Tuesday that would ban the blocking of lawful content, but allow high-speed Internet providers to manage their networks, senior agency officials said. Get the full story »

Google to delay ultra-high-speed broadband test

Google Inc. said it is not quite ready to decide where it will build an experimental, ultra-high-speed broadband network that will provide Internet connections that are 100 times faster than the connections most Americans get from their phone and cable companies. Get the full story »

Comcast says no plan for usage-based pricing

Comcast has no plans to start charging customers based on how much broadband is consumed by online video and other content, a top executive said on Tuesday. Get the full story »

White House to push for tech policy action in 2011

The Obama administration on will push Congress next year to move ahead on critical technology policies, the White House’s technology chief said on Thursday. Get the full story »

Broadband usage growing even as gaps persist

The U.S. still faces a significant gap in residential broadband use that breaks down along incomes, education levels and other socio-economic factors, even as subscriptions among American households overall grew sevenfold from 2001 to 2009. Get the full story »

FCC weighs creating fund to boost broadband

A new fund could help bring high speed Internet to unserved and remote areas of the United States, U.S. telecommunications regulators said on Thursday.

The Federal Communications Commission proposed allocating universal service funds — fees consumers pay telephone companies to subsidize landline phone services for low-income and rural families — to create a “mobility fund” to expand broadband Internet to areas without service. Get the full story »