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Air Pacific cancels orders for 8 Boeing 787s

Boeing says that Fiji airline Air Pacific has canceled orders for eight 787s, a jetliner whose debut has been delayed by about three years. Get the full story »

Boeing surprised by rupture in 737 fuselage

The NTSB displays the 5-foot-long fuselage skin section taken from the Southwest Airlines accident aircraft on Tuesday. (Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty)

Boeing Co. said Tuesday that its engineering and safety experts were caught off guard by Friday’s rupture in the fuselage of a midair Southwest Airlines Co. jet, failing to anticipate the risks of such an incident “until much, much later” in the aircraft’s life.

In an attempt to explain what went wrong, including technical missteps by Boeing, a senior company engineer laid out some of the decisions and analyses by the aerospace giant that unwittingly set the stage for the five-foot tear in the aluminum skin of the 15-year-old Boeing 737 aircraft. The tear led to the rapid decompression of the passenger cabin while the plane was cruising at 36,000 feet, but no one was seriously injured. Get the full story »

Boeing: No 787, 747 fall-out from Japan quake

Japan’s natural and man-made disasters haven’t affected aircraft production at Boeing Co., or slowed flight-testing of its 787 Dreamliner and 747-8 jumbo jets, an executive of the aerospace manufacturer said Wednesday. Get the full story »

Boeing supplier concerned over Japan gas supply

A Japanese company making galleys for the long-awaited Boeing 787 Dreamliner said delivery of the component could be delayed if gasoline becomes even more scarce after last week’s earthquake and tsunami. Get the full story »

Boeing getting parts shipments from Japan

Boeing Co. says its suppliers in Japan are still shipping some airplane parts to the Chicago-based manufacturer, the Associated Press reported Wednesday, citing company spokesman Thomas Brabant. Get the full story »

Boeing: Too soon to tell quake’s effect on 787

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner. (Reuters/Anthony Bolante)

If Boeing Co.’s Japanese suppliers for the 787 Dreamliner are disrupted by more than several weeks, the company could face new production issues for the long-delayed aircraft, the head of Boeing Commercial Airplanes said Monday.

“We have a little bit of stock, but not much. I think if we go longer than several weeks, we’ll have issues,” Jim Albaugh told CNBC business television. Get the full story »

Boeing takes 58 commercial orders, loses 8

Boeing Co. said Thursday it took 58 new orders for commercial planes in the week that ended March 9, but reduced the number of 787 orders by eight.

The company on its website said it took orders for four 767s from the U.S. Air Force. Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd ordered 10 777s. American International Group’s International Lease Finance Corp ordered 33 737s. Get the full story »

Boeing starts 787 changes to meet certification goal

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner being manufactured for All Nippon Airways, Feb. 14, 2011. (Reuters/Anthony Bolante)

Boeing Co. said on Monday it began incorporating required changes to its long-delayed 787 Dreamliner to move the program toward certification this year by aviation authorities.

The work, to be done in San Antonio, Texas, includes installing electronic and mechanical equipment, software upgrades and testing systems.

A Boeing spokesman said the “change incorporation” step is required for all new airplane programs. He said the company expects the plane to be certified this year. Get the full story »

Boeing says it’s moving toward 787 certification

Boeing Co. said Thursday it is making headway toward certification of its long-delayed 787 Dreamliner, with nearly 80 percent of the conditions met for the first model featuring Rolls-Royce engines. Get the full story »

Boeing confident it will deliver Dreamliner in 3Q

Boeing Co. may have overextended the global supply chain on its long-overdue 787 Dreamliner program, but the company is confident it will meet its third-quarter delivery target, Chief Executive Jim McNerney said Wednesday.

Speaking at an event broadcast on cable television network CNBC, McNerney said he believes the company is nearing the end of development for the light-weight, carbon-composite airplane that is nearly three years behind its original schedule. Get the full story »

Boeing exec predicts boost in 787 production

The head of Boeing’s commercial airplanes division says it could eventually increase the production rate of its new 787 jetliner beyond the previously announced 10 per month it plans to build by the end of 2013.

Boeing to deliver 25 787s, 747s in 2011

Boeing Co. said Wednesday it expects to deliver at least 25 of its delay-prone 787 Dreamliner and 747-8 jumbo jets this year, but doesn’t anticipate that the planes will give any near-term lift to its financial results.

Production cost over-runs and penalty payments to pacify airline customers mean Boeing won’t make money off those deliveries, executives told analysts and reporters during a quarterly earnings call, admitting the Chicago-based aerospace manufacturer remains concerned about the overall profitability of the best-selling Dreamliner. Get the full story »

Boeing 787 Dreamliner delayed again, now July

Boeing pushed back deliveries of its new 787 again on Tuesday, meaning that the soonest it will arrive is July. The company had most recently said that deliveries would begin next month, nearly three years late, but an electrical fire on a plane in November halted flight testing and another delay has been widely anticipated. Get the full story »

Boeing resumes 787 certification flights

Boeing Co. has resumed flight tests of its 787 jetliner aimed at achieving Federal Aviation Administration certification. Boeing halted test flights of the long-delayed jet last fall because of an in-flight electrical fire in the plane’s power distribution system that forced an emergency landing Nov. 9. Get the full story »

10,000th sale lifts Airbus past Boeing in 2010

European planemaker Airbus scored a surprise victory in the annual orders race against Boeing and celebrated the 10,000th plane sale in its 40-year history with a $5 billion order from Virgin America. A last-minute surge pushed Airbus past its U.S. rival for a third year as it held onto a net order market share of 52 percent in the face of a resurgent Boeing, which was hit by cancellations in 2009 due to delays to its 787 Dreamliner. Get the full story »