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U.S. likely to appeal WTO ruling on Boeing subsidies

The Obama administration is almost certain to appeal a World Trade Organization ruling that Boeing received illegal subsidies as a long-running spat moves into its next stage, lawyers and analysts said. Get the full story »

Boeing-Airbus fight with ads as deadline nears

Boeing Co. and EADS launched dueling advertising campaigns on Thursday as the companies’ bitter battle to capture U.S. refueling aircraft orders valued at up to $50 billion neared another pivotal point.

Boeing and Airbus parent EADS must submit their final proposal revisions, also known as “best and final offers” for 179 new aerial tankers by Feb. 11 after separate meetings with U.S. Air Force officials on Monday, Feb. 7. Get the full story »

WTO set to issue findings on Boeing subsidies

The World Trade Organization will issue a confidential final ruling Jan. 31 concerning European claims that Boeing benefited from unfair aircraft subsidies, sources familar with the case said on Friday.

The report, which will not be made public for several weeks, is the latest round of legal Ping-Pong between the European Union and United States over mutual claims their aircraft industries have been unfairly shielded from competition. Get the full story »