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Texas Instruments buys National Semiconductor

Texas Instruments Inc. is buying National Semiconductor Corp. for about $6.5 billion in cash, paying a nearly 80 percent premium for the analog chipmaker. Get the full story »

Tech companies in Japan react to tsunami

Technology companies Friday were assessing the impact of the Japanese earthquake on component supplies and on their local plants, staff and sub-contractors, with most saying it was too early to give more details.

The 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck northern Japan, causing deaths and damage to the northeast and panic as far south as Tokyo, with an ensuing tsunami devastating coastal areas.

Japan is a major exporter of electronic goods and chips. The total global semiconductor market alone is worth around $298 billion, with Japan contributing around 24 percent to that total and Taiwan 30 percent, according to data from U.K.-based semiconductor market research firm Future Horizons. Europe, meanwhile, accounts for only 8% of global semiconductor production, meaning the region is largely dependent on Asian imports. Japan exports half of the semiconductors it produces. Get the full story »

China’s rare earths export cut raises trade concerns

China has raised fresh international trade concerns after slashing export quotas on rare earths minerals, used in the manufacture of high-tech devices, risking action from the United States at the World Trade Organization.

China, which produces about 97 percent of the global supply of rare earth minerals, cut its export quotas by 35 percent for the first half of 2011 versus a year ago, saying it wanted to preserve ample reserves, but warned against basing its total 2011 export quota on the first half figures. Get the full story »

Analysts: Thinner iPad in works

Bloomberg News | Analysts say Apple is working on a thinner iPad for introduction next year with a camera for video calling and global wireless capabilities.

Intel raises dividend and hopes

Intel Corp. plans to boost its quarterly dividend by 15 percent, sending its shares higher as investors saw the move as a signal that the world’s largest chipmaker is on track for healthy growth.

The dividend will increase to 18 cents, beginning in the first quarter of 2011. Get the full story »

Intel, Samsung, Toshiba join up to halve chip size

Chipmakers Intel Corp, Toshiba Corp and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd will join hands to develop technologies that could more than halve semiconductor line widths to nearly 10 nanometers by 2016, the Nikkei daily reported. Get the full story »

Worldwide chip sales jump in August

Global sales of semiconductors grew nearly 33 percent in August to $25.7 billion compared with a year ago, the Semiconductor Industry Association said Monday. Get the full story »

IBM to help small businesses compete for contracts

Tech giant IBM said Tuesday it will set up a website at early next year with a single, standard application for small companies to bid on contracts at AT&T Inc., Citigroup Inc., Bank of America Corp., Pfizer Inc. and UPS Inc. That means small businesses won’t have to invest the time and money in preparing multiple bids.

Ex-workers sue Motorola over kids’ birth defects

Motorola Inc. is facing a lawsuit from a group of former employees alleging that exposure to hazardous chemicals caused birth defects in their children.

The suit, filed last week in Cook County Circuit Court, names 71 plaintiffs. The filing also lists more than 30 children who, according to the suit, suffered injuries as a result of their parents’ exposure to hazardous substances used to make semiconductors. Get the full story »

Idex Corp. buys British company Seals Ltd.

From Forbes | Northbrook-based Idex Corp., which produces pumps and metering products, announced on Thursday that it bought British company Seals Ltd. for about 35
million British pounds ($54 million). Seals, which is based in Blackburn, England, is a provider of seals for a broad range of
industries such as semiconductor and solar technologies.

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