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Bill on outsourced jobs fails Senate test

As expected, a Senate bill designed to end tax breaks for U.S. companies that move jobs and manufacturing plants overseas failed a key test vote Tuesday.

With a 53-45 vote, Senate Republicans blocked a Democratic efforts to end debate and ultimately vote on a “jobs” bill. Get the full story »

Union, clergy join forces on Hyatt boycott

Hyatt Hotels Corp. faced the wrath of religious leaders Tuesday as hotel workers called for a boycott of three Hyatt branded Chicago hotels.

“I think it is immoral. It’s immoral. It’s immoral for Hyatt to be treating its workers the way they are treating them: A year without a contract,” Rev. Calvin Morris boomed into a microphone outside Hyatt’s downtown headquarters. “We’re going to boycott these hotels, and we do so with good conscience.”

The world’s largest group of Jewish Clergy, the Central Conference of American Rabbis, has pledged its support for the worker-led boycotts, which with the addition Tuesday of Hyatt Regency Chicago, Hyatt O’Hare and Park Hyatt in Chicago, now number 10 at Hyatt properties across the country. Approximately 250 rabbis, cantors and other Jewish leaders have also signed a pledge in support of the boycotts. Get the full story »

Pilots from five airlines join United Airlines picket


United Airline pilots picket on the sidewalk outside of the United Airline headquarters at 77 W. Wacker Drive in Chicago. (José M. Osorio/ Chicago Tribune)

By Julie Johnsson |
United Airlines pilots and flight attendants celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by picketing the airline’s Chicago headquarters to protest a controversial joint venture with Ireland’s Aer Lingus.

United flight crews are particularly unhappy with new service between Washington Dulles International  Airport and Madrid that United and Aer Lingus plan to launch later this month.

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Layoffs loom at Redbox

cbb-a-redbox.jpgBy Wailin Wong and Julie Wernau | Redbox, the DVD kiosk rental chain, said Thursday it is laying off 200
employees at its Downers Grove call center as the company shifts those
operations to an outside provider with operations in Texas and Canada.

“After considering a number of options, it was determined that using a
third party to manage our customer service operations was the best
business decision for the company,” Redbox, which is a unit of Coinstar
Inc., said in a statement. “This decision did not come easily, but it
was ultimately the best option for achieving the level of service we
need to provide our customers.”

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