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Viacom takes iPad rights fight to Cablevision

Viacom Inc.  said Friday that Cablevision Systems Corp.  lacks the rights to show its popular cable channels on the cable operator’s new live TV iPad app. Get the full story »

Comcast, Time Warner strike major content deal‎

Comcast Corp., the nation’s largest cable and broadband provider, has struck a wide-ranging deal with Time Warner Inc. that will give the company access to content that it can distribute across numerous platforms.

The multiyear deal means that Comcast subscribers will be able to access Time Warner-owned programming from networks that include TBS and TNT online.

Anderson Cooper’s new show adds Chicago stations

Local affiliate stations from around the country are giving the thumbs-up to a syndicated daily talk show with CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper.

In the past 10 days, some 40 stations have inked for “Anderson” for their schedules this fall, making the New York-based show a firm go for the upcoming season. They come on the heels of launch clearances with Tribune’s WPIX in New York and Fox outlets in L.A., Chicago and Boston. Get the full story »

Lou Dobbs lands at Fox Business Network

News Corp.’s  Fox Business Network has signed a multi-year contract with former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, who will host a daily show on the network beginning in the first quarter.

Dobbs also will appear on  a variety of Fox Business programs to provide analysis and commentary. He will continue to host his radio talk shows and financial reports, Fox Business said. Get the full story »

Cable TV subscribers flee

Cable companies have been losing TV subscribers at an ever faster rate in the last few months, and satellite TV isn’t picking up the slack. That could be a sign that Internet TV services such as Netflix and Hulu are finally starting to entice people to cancel cable, though company executives are pointing to the weak economy and housing market for now.

Third-quarter results reported by major cable TV companies show major losses, but don’t settle the question of what’s causing them. Get the full story »

3-D won’t be part of latest ‘Harry Potter’ wizardry

Warner Bros. Pictures has canceled its planned 3-D release of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I,” saying it’s run out of time to do the job right.

Dan Fellman, president of domestic distribution at the studio, a unit of Time Warner Inc., told Dow Jones that it ran out of time to deliver the quality 2-D to 3-D conversion that “Harry Potter deserves.” The film was scheduled for release Nov. 19 in digital 3-D and Imax 3-D. Get the full story »

Time Warner moves ahead on premium on-demand

Time Warner Inc. could offer premium video-on-demand as early as the first quarter for $20 to $30 per movie in a trial, the company’s CFO said Thursday.

Time Warner is considering making movies available for rent on pay television services shortly after their theatrical release and before their DVD release, Chief Financial Officer John Martin said at a Goldman Sachs investor conference in New York. Get the full story »

CNN says Piers Morgan will replace Larry King

After months of speculation, Piers Morgan, the British newspaper editor best-known to U.S. audiences as a judge on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” has finally completed talks to take over Larry King’s weeknight talk show on CNN.

Time Warner Cable doubles fee for nothing

Time Warner Cable has your number and if you don’t want them to give it out, it’s going to cost you more. It’s not the only telecom that charges monthly to keep your phone number unlisted. But it is the only one that just doubled the fee.

Hulu in talks with CBS, others for paid TV shows

Free video website Hulu is in talks with CBS Corp, Viacom Inc and Time Warner Inc to add their television shows to its planned paid subscription service, Bloomberg reported, citing people with direct knowledge of the discussions. Get the full story »