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T-Mobile ‘unlimited’ 4G plan slows data after 2GB

T-Mobile announced on Wednesday a new “Even More” unlimited 4G data plan that will throttle down a user’s Web speeds after they use more than 2GB per month. Get the full story »

T-Mobile goes 4G in Springfield, 9 other markets

T-Mobile has lit up its 4G wireless network in Springfield, making the state capital one of 10 markets across the country to get the faster speeds.

The carrier said its 4G network now covers more than 200 million people in 167 markets. Other new markets include Ames, Iowa, and Battle Creek, Mich. Get the full story »

Verizon, others bring 4G to more Illinois areas

A number of metropolitan areas in Illinois are getting wireless speed boosts this year as Verizon Wireless, Clearwire and T-Mobile expand and upgrade their 4G networks.

Verizon announced Tuesday that it is adding 59 markets to its 4G network, launched in December in Chicago and 38 other markets. By the end of the year, Bloomington/Normal, Carbondale, Champaign, Rockford and Springfield will also be on the network. Get the full story »

AT&T: T-Mobile 3G phones will need to be replaced

AT&T says that if its deal to buy T-Mobile USA goes through, T-Mobile subscribers with “3G” phones will need to replace those to keep their wireless broadband service working. Get the full story »

AT&T, T-Mobile deal may mean higher prices

AT&T’s surprise $39-billion acquisition of T-Mobile USA Inc. could lead to more consolidation in the U.S wireless industry, leaving the market with just two dominant providers — and the prospect of higher rates and fewer choices for consumers.

If approved by regulators, the newly expanded AT&T Inc. would have 130 million subscribers, allowing it to leapfrog arch-rival Verizon Wireless and its 94 million customers to become by far the nation’s largest wireless carrier. Sprint Nextel Corp. would be a distant third.

With more devices, 4G to hit its stride in ‘11

Until recently, consumers wanting to take advantage of 4G wireless network speeds didn’t have much choice in devices. Carriers offered laptop cards and USB dongles, but the selection of smart phones and other gadgets was minimal.

This dynamic will change dramatically this year, thanks to a flurry of product launches from mobile operators that are eager to meet increasing consumer demand for fast wireless broadband and draw more revenue from data traffic. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, carriers announced more than 15 new 4G devices, many of them smart phones or tablets. Get the full story »

Discover, carriers partner on mobile payments

Riverwoods-based Discover Financial Services is working with a new joint venture, created by three national wireless carriers, to develop a national network for payments via mobile phones.

AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless announced the joint venture, called Isis, on Tuesday. The group named Michael Abbott, a former executive at GE Capital, as its CEO. Get the full story »

Windows 7 smartphones hit market

Smartphones running Microsoft Corp.’s new software are now available for AT&T Inc. and T-Mobile USA customers. Get the full story »

T-Mobile launching 4G in Chicago this week

T-Mobile USA Inc. said it is launching 4G wireless service in the Chicago area this week, heightening competition among mobile operators to provide the fastest connectivity to laptop- and smart phone-toting consumers. The Bellevue, Wash.-based carrier said its upgraded network will cover the city and suburbs within a 20-mile radius.

T-Mobile first lit up 4G service in September 2009 and is in about 75 metropolitan areas. Chicago is part of T-Mobile’s expansion to six new cities, and the company is aiming to offer 4G in 100 markets covering 200 million people by year-end.

T-Mobile joins trend to cheaper data plans

T-Mobile says it’s adding a cheaper data plan with a limit on monthly traffic, much the way AT&T and Verizon Wireless have done.

T-Mobile USA  will  introduce the new plan before the end of the year. It will cost $10 per month with a two-year contract or $15 without one. It will provide 200 megabytes of data use per month. Get the full story »

T-Mobile to debut Samsung Galaxy, subsidize price

T-Mobile USA said it would be first to offer Samsung Electronics Co.’s  Galaxy Tab tablet-computing device, and plans to subsidize the price for those who sign up for a wireless contract.

T-Mobile USA, the U.S. wireless arm of Deutsche Telekom AG,  plans to sell the tablet for $399.99 with a two-year service agreement, similar to the deal that will be offered by Sprint Nextel Corp.  T-Mobile USA is scheduled to sell the device Nov. 10, a day before it is offered by Verizon Wireless,  selling the Galaxy Tab at the unsubsidized price of $599.99, and four days before Sprint begins to offer it. Get the full story »

CUB: Ill. cell phone users overpay $359 a year

Mobile phone users in Illinois are paying hundreds of dollars every month for unused minutes and unnecessary services, the Citizens Utility Board said in a report released Monday.

CUB studied 4,400 cell bills entered into its online Cellphone Saver between August 2009 and July 2010 and determined that those consumers are overpaying by an average of $359 a year. Get the full story »

Samsung smartphone coming to all major carriers

In the shadow of the latest blockbuster Apple Inc.   iPhone launch, Samsung Electronics Co.  has quietly positioned its own marquee smartphone with all of the national carriers in an attempt to regain its position with high-end cellphones.

Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel Corp.  and T-Mobile USA said  Monday that they would be carrying a version of Samsung’s Galaxy S.  AT&T Inc.  previously said it would sell a version of the device  later this year. Of all the carriers, only T-Mobile would commit to a firm launch date of July 21. Get the full story »

T-Mobile boosts network inside Union Station

T-Mobile said it has installed more antennas inside Chicago’s Union Station to provide better service inside and around the building.

The bolstered 3G network launched on Monday. The Bellevue, Wash.-based carrier said commuters at Union Station should notice improved coverage on the mezzanine and concourse levels, including areas such as the terminals, boarding lounges and the food court. Get the full story »