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Apple sues Samsung over ‘Galaxy’ phone, Tab

Samsung's Galaxy Tab, one of the company's devices drawing scrutiny from Apple. (Denis Doyle/Bloomberg)

Apple Inc. filed a lawsuit claiming Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. copied the look and feel of its popular iPhone smartphones and iPad tablet computers, the latest in a series of legal skirmishes that underscore the increasingly high stakes of the mobile computing market.

The lawsuit, filed on April 15, alleged that Samsung’s smartphones, including the “Galaxy S 4G,” “Epic 4G,” “Nexus S” and its “Galaxy Tab” touchscreen tablet, violate Apple’s intellectual property. The 38-page lawsuit was filed in the U.S. court’s northern California district. Get the full story »

Price keeps plasma TVs on consumers’ radar

Most TV manufacturers may have given up on plasma technology, but the public has not.

Shipments of plasma sets jumped nearly 30% worldwide last year, to 19.1 million from 14.8 million the year before, according to research firm DisplaySearch.

The reason: price.

Plasma sets are “the most affordable large flat-panel TVs for many consumers,” said DisplaySearch in releasing its survey Thursday.

Samsung: Refunds for PCs with faulty Intel chips

Samsung Electronics Co., South Korea’s largest electronics maker, said it will give refunds for its desktop and laptop computers sold locally and in the U.S. with faulty chips from Intel Corp.

Six models sold in the local market and one model in the U.S. can be returned for refunds or exchanges, James Chung, a Samsung spokesman, said by telephone today. About 2,000 to 3,000 units of those models probably have been sold since sales began last month, he said. Get the full story »

Nintendo: No 3-D games for kids under 6

Nintendo Co. has issued a warning that children under the age of six shouldn’t play 3-D games on its soon-to-be-released handheld game machine, as looking at 3-D images for a long period of time can have a harmful effect on the growth of young children’s eyes.

The company posted the disclaimer at the bottom of its Japanese-language Web site promoting a three-day event in Japan where people can try its new Nintendo 3DS, due to launch Feb. 26 in Japan. It asks that 6-year-olds and those younger play games on the 3DS in 2-D mode. Get the full story »

Sales of 3-D, Web-enabled TVs fall flat

New features such as 3-D screens and Internet connectivity have not inspired  U.S. television shoppers, dashing a hoped-for recovery in the global consumer electronics industry.

TV manufacturers such as Sony Corp., Samsung Electronics Co. and Sharp Corp. are learning that features such as razor-thin LED TVs are not enough to stage a comeback in the United States. Get the full story »

EU fines cartel for fixing prices on LCD panels

The European Union’s competition watchdog says it is fining five Taiwanese and South Korean electronics companies $856 million for fixing prices on LCD panels between 2001 and 2006. Get the full story »

Google working on phone with built-in payment tool

Google Inc. is taking another stab at designing a game-changing mobile phone, this time by including a built-in payment system that could eventually enable the devices to replace credit cards. The new phone got a brief preview Monday when Google CEO Eric Schmidt took the stage to kick off the Web 2.0 summit, a technology conference held annually in San Francisco.

Schmidt confirmed that Google has been working on a sophisticated new computer chip and an upgrade of its Android mobile operating system that will include a payment processing tool. He showed off the new phone with the device’s name and manufacturer concealed. Get the full story »

Windows 7 smartphones hit market

Smartphones running Microsoft Corp.’s new software are now available for AT&T Inc. and T-Mobile USA customers. Get the full story »

Intel, Samsung, Toshiba join up to halve chip size

Chipmakers Intel Corp, Toshiba Corp and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd will join hands to develop technologies that could more than halve semiconductor line widths to nearly 10 nanometers by 2016, the Nikkei daily reported. Get the full story »

T-Mobile to debut Samsung Galaxy, subsidize price

T-Mobile USA said it would be first to offer Samsung Electronics Co.’s  Galaxy Tab tablet-computing device, and plans to subsidize the price for those who sign up for a wireless contract.

T-Mobile USA, the U.S. wireless arm of Deutsche Telekom AG,  plans to sell the tablet for $399.99 with a two-year service agreement, similar to the deal that will be offered by Sprint Nextel Corp.  T-Mobile USA is scheduled to sell the device Nov. 10, a day before it is offered by Verizon Wireless,  selling the Galaxy Tab at the unsubsidized price of $599.99, and four days before Sprint begins to offer it. Get the full story »

Sprint’s Tablet is cheaper, but requires a contract

The Samsung Galaxy Tab. (Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images)

Sprint Nextel plans to sell its iPad rival, the Galaxy Tab from Samsung Electronics, for a third less than the tablet computer’s price tag at Verizon Wireless. But the offer still comes with a catch that at least one analyst said would limit sales.

On Nov. 14, Sprint will kick off sales for the $400 Tab, seen as the most credible competitor so far to Apple Inc.’s popular iPad, which has been on sale for $630 since earlier this year.

But while Sprint customers will pay less up front, they may end up forking over more cash over time. The discount comes with a two-year contract requiring monthly service fees starting at $29.99 for two gigabytes of data downloads. Get the full story »

Verizon prices Samsung Tab just under iPad

Verizon Wireless, the No. 1 U.S. mobile service, plans to sell Samsung Electronics’s Galaxy Tab for $30 less than Apple Inc’s iPad, but analysts say the new tablet computer is priced too high. Get the full story »

Toshiba to bring tablet to U.S. early next year

Toshiba Corp. plans to release new tablet devices in the U.S., Japan and elsewhere early next year, a top engineer at the company involved in the development of tablet computers told Dow Jones Newswires Tuesday.

“The market for tablets is very hot right now,” said Hideo Kasuya on the sidelines of the annual Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies, near Tokyo. Get the full story »

Samsung unveils iPad competitor Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Tab (Samsung)Samsung Electronics Co. is unveiling a new tablet PC named Galaxy Tab as the latest device meant to rival Apple Inc.’s popular iPad.

Samsung Europe executive Thomas Richter said Thursday the device will offer users “a new galaxy of possibilities” with features such as mobile video conferencing and a video chat function. Get the full story »

Big-name companies to unveil more iPad rivals

From The Financial Times | Big-name manufacturers, including Samsung and Toshiba, will present rivals to the iPad this week, as Apple prepares to introduce a raft of new products.

Samsung and Toshiba are expected to lead a tablet charge at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin on Thursday, hours after a San Francisco media event where an annual update of Apple’s iPod range is expected. But analysts say it will take time for Apple’s rivals to whittle away at the iPad’s dominance. Get the full story »