Intercontinental Exchange

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NYSE snub helps rival bid: Ex-CBOT executive

NYSE Euronext’s speedy rejection of a bid from Nasdaq OMX Group Inc and IntercontinentalExchange Inc could play into their hands, a veteran of the last bidding war for a U.S. exchange said. Get the full story »

Nasdaq, ICE to continue offer for NYSE

Nasdaq and Intercontinentalexchange Inc will continue to press management of rival exchange NYSE to accept their takeover offer, ICE CEO Jeffrey Sprecher said on Tuesday. Get the full story »

Nasdaq, ICE make rival bid for NYSE Euronext

Nasdaq OMX and IntercontinentalExchange on Friday announced a joint $11.3 billion bid to buy the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange, topping an offer by Germany’s Deutsche Boerse. Get the full story »

Has New York won the derivatives power struggle?

From Forbes | A New York Times article this weekend about how a “secretive banking elite,” as the headline put it, rules the derivatives trade. The story details how a secret cabal of bankers meet regularly with and control the risk committee at ICE Trust, part of the IntercontinentalExchange.

That came as no surprise to Forbes investment writer Emily Lambert. But what was even more interesting to her was the story’s description of the influence the dealers have at CME Group, the exchange company run by Chairman Terrence Duffy and Chief Executive Craig Donohue — indicating that in the long-running derivatives power struggle between New Yorkers and Chicagoans, the New Yorkers have won. Get the full story>>