University of Chicago nurses authorize strike

By Associated Press
Posted Friday at 4:35 p.m.

Union nurses at University of Chicago Medical Center have voted to authorize a strike, but an interim contract will keep them on the job until at least the end of June.

Lead negotiator Jan Rodolfo of National Nurses United says the hospital’s 1,300 registered nurses voted overwhelmingly for the strike authorization if their bargaining demands aren’t met.

Contract negotiations have been under way since August between the union and one of the city’s premier hospitals. Negotiations are still ongoing, and an interim contract is in place.

Rodolfo says nurses want to send a strong message that they’re serious about fighting for better staffing levels and an end to rotating shifts.

Hospital officials say their nurse staffing levels are consistently ranked high compared to other hospitals.

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  1. globebag Sunday at 4:40 pm

    Let them strike. And then replace them. Their ability is terrible having been implicated in Jim Tyree’s death and the near end to medicare reimbursement. Not sure what grounds they have for a strike when you have poor performance. Maybe they should be grateful for the job and benefits they have.

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