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FCC orders ‘reasonable’ data roaming rates

U.S. regulators on Thursday adopted data roaming rules that would allow smartphones to access the Internet in areas across the country not covered by their wireless carrier. The rules set by the Federal Communications Commission in a 3-2 vote would force wireless carriers like AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless to offer “reasonable” roaming rates. Get the full story »

U.S. companies, others meet again on Web traffic

Lobbyists for phone, cable and Internet companies including Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp. met Wednesday to again try to agree on how to manage Internet traffic, three sources familiar with the meeting said.

The sources said the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Google Inc were not involved in the latest industry effort to agree on “net neutrality”, the concept that high-speed Internet providers should not block or slow selected information or make websites pay for faster ways to reach users. Get the full story »

Sprint Nextel loss widens in 2Q

Sprint Nextel Corp.’s second-quarter loss widened as overall subscribership fell and the company booked a $302 million tax-related charge.

Still, shares jumped 5.4 percent in premarket trading to $5.09. As of Tuesday’s close, the stock had risen 32 percent this year. Get the full story »

Class action against AT&T, Apple can continue

A monopoly abuse lawsuit against Apple Inc and AT&T Inc’s mobile-phone unit can continue as a class action against the two companies, the Associated Press reported, citing a federal judge. AT&T, the biggest U.S. phone company by revenue and the exclusive U.S. provider for iPhone, has come under withering criticism from iPhone users over its network quality since the smartphone went on sale in 2007. Get the full story »

Obama gives OK to double broadband spectrum

President Barack Obama on Monday signed a memorandum to nearly double the amount of federal and commercial spectrum available for smartphones and wireless Internet devices.

The move is aimed at spurring investment, economic growth and job creation as demand for broadband surges with the boom in wireless Internet devices such as iPhones, BlackBerrys and laptops. Get the full story »

AT&T not selling iPhone 4 until June 29

Though Apple stores will be carrying the iPhone 4 this Thursday, you’ll have to wait until next week if you want to buy it from its official U.S. wireless carrier, AT&T Inc.

AT&T said Tuesday that it will start selling the iPhone 4 on June 29 through its stores and website to anyone who wants to buy one, but was not able to order on June 15 — the first day that Apple and its partners took orders for the gadget. AT&T stopped taking orders the next day because of overwhelming demand. Get the full story »

United, Southwest to add more Wi-Fi availability

From Denver Business Journal | United Airlines, which began offering Wi-Fi on a select group of transcontinental flights in October, plans to start adding Wi-Fi access in late 2010 beyond just the 13 New York-to-California flights on which it’s now offered.

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