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Survey: Behavior not safe at Wi-Fi hotspots

U.S. consumers love Wi-Fi access but don’t always have safe habits when they visit hotspots, according to a new survey by industry group Wi-Fi Alliance.

The survey polled 1,054 Americans over the age of 18 through online interviews. The results showed that 32 percent of respondents had tried to get on a Wi-Fi network that wasn’t their own during the last 12 months, up from 18 percent in December 2008. When asked whether sharing a Wi-Fi network password or a house key required more trust, 40 percent of survey participants chose the former. Get the full story »

Wi-Fi Alliance certifies next step in wireless | The Wi-Fi Alliance has begun certifying devices as Wi-Fi Direct capable. Wi-Fi Direct will enable device-to-device connections using current Wi-Fi standards, allowing the devices to basically become their own hotspots.