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VIX heading for biggest 6-day drop since ‘08

The benchmark measure of U.S. stock options headed for its biggest six-day drop since November 2008 as concern that this month’s Japanese earthquake will curb the global economy eased. Get the full story »

CBOE to build up VIX in effort to lure traders

The Chicago Board Options Exchange said it plans to expand its volatility-index franchise, aiming to lure more traders to an area where it already leads its competition.

The exchange, part of CBOE Holdings Inc., said in a release Wednesday that it plans to list options on single-stock volatility measures and to extend the franchise to a raft of sector exchange-traded funds. The CBOE Volatility Index, or VIX, is often called the “fear index” and is the most widely followed gauge of investor expectations for stock-market swings. Get the full story »

CBOE files for S&P-based options on new platform

Options exchange operator CBOE Holdings Inc. said on Monday that it had filed with U.S. regulators to list all of its S&P 500 Index options on its new, all-electronic platform called C2. Get the full story »

CBOE to create VIX measures for single stocks

The Chicago Board Options Exchange wants investors to measure the “fear” baked into stock options such as those of Goldman Sachs or Apple.

The exchange said Wednesday it will apply the methods of its “fear index” to options on five popular stocks, the other three being, International Business Machines Corp., and Google. The measure, whose formal name is the CBOE Volatility Index, or VIX, shot to fame during the financial crisis as investors sought tools to measure and trade in an anxious and plunging stock market. Get the full story »

CFE extends trading hours for VIX Futures

The CBOE Futures Exchange, a subsidiary of CBOE Holdings Inc., said on Tuesday that it has changed the daily opening time for the trading of futures on the CBOE Volatility Index. VIX effective Dec. 10, pending regulatory approval. Get the full story »

BofA Merrill launches Global Financial Stress Index

BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research, a division of Bank of America Corp, on Monday introduced an index it said would more accurately gauge market risk than the commonly used Volatility Index, or VIX, Wall Street’s favorite barometer of investor anxiety. Get the full story »

CBOE’s VIX index seeing burst of copycats

The popularity of the VIX index, which has become a widely watched barometer of investor fear since the financial crisis, is generating a host of spinoffs, copycats and derivatives. It is adding up to big business for VIX’s owner, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, as well as partners and competitors that have developed products pegged to, or inspired by, the VIX. Get the full story »