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Starbucks maps out plan to conquer grocery aisles

Starbucks Corp. coffee on a shelf at a grocery store in New York. (Michael Nagle/Bloomberg)

Starbucks Corp. wants to make sales of its coffee and other products in the grocery aisle rival its traditional cafe business, according to Chief Executive Howard Schultz.

The world’s biggest coffee chain is betting it can use the power of its brand to sell a portfolio of goods — such as Via instant coffee and bottled Frappuccino — everywhere food and beverages are sold, whether in a supermarket in the United States or a vending machine in Asia. Get the full story »

Vending industry nuts over calorie requirements

(David Pierini/Chicago Tribune)

The vending machine industry is up in arms following a new report by the Food and Drug Administration that estimates the industry will need to spend 14 million hours annually to comply with new calorie disclosure laws.

The new requirements, signed into law this March under sweeping health reform legislation, require vending machine operators with 20 or more locations to provide a sign in close proximity to each food item in a vending machine to disclose the calorie count of that item before it is chosen. Get the full story »