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Google: More Chicago residents filing taxes online

Internet search giant Google has released data suggesting that more Chicago residents are filing their taxes online, with searches for tax software provider TurboTax featuring prominently on the company’s list of top tax-related search terms. Get the full story »

State tax collections down slightly in fiscal 2010

State government tax collections dropped $14.3 billion in the last budget year, the U.S. Census said Wednesday in another sign state revenues have yet to recover from their recent collapse. Get the full story »

Chicago woman accused of fraudulent tax returns

The federal government is accusing a Chicago woman of preparing fraudulent  tax returns by faking or inflating donations to charities and business expenses.

The government says Martha A. Jones prepared about 270 fraudulent tax returns annually between 2005 and 2008.  Court documents estimate that they have led to a loss of over $5 million in revenue.

Because Jones didn’t sign the tax returns she prepared or helped prepare, the government is unsure of the exact number of fraudulent returns. Get the full story »