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April 12 this year’s tax freedom day

This year’s “Tax Freedom Day” was pushed back three days to April 12 because of rising income taxes that accompany rising income, the Tax Foundation said.

With Americans spending an average of 28 percent of their income to pay federal, state and local taxes this year, they will need to work 102 days — more than three months — to earn enough to pay their tax bill. Get the full story »

April 9 is tax freedom day

McClatchy-Tribune News | Today is Tax Freedom Day for the average U.S. taxpayer, meaning it took
99 days to pay our taxes in 2010, to render unto “Uncle Sam” what is

On average, Americans will pay 26.9 percent of their
yearly income toward taxes, according to
calculations of the Tax Foundation, a group that has monitored such
data since 1948.

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