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CBOE to create VIX measures for single stocks

The Chicago Board Options Exchange wants investors to measure the “fear” baked into stock options such as those of Goldman Sachs or Apple.

The exchange said Wednesday it will apply the methods of its “fear index” to options on five popular stocks, the other three being, International Business Machines Corp., and Google. The measure, whose formal name is the CBOE Volatility Index, or VIX, shot to fame during the financial crisis as investors sought tools to measure and trade in an anxious and plunging stock market. Get the full story »

Motorola Mobility, Solutions to start trading Friday

Motorola Inc. isn’t officially breaking into two companies until Jan. 4, but shares of the two successor companies will start trading Friday on the New York Stock Exchange on a “when issued” basis.

The company is splitting into Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc., which will take the cell-phone and set-top-box manufacturing businesses, and Motorola Solutions Inc., which contains the more government- and corporate-facing parts of the company. It  makes things such as police radios and bar-code scanners. Get the full story »