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Starbucks looks for growth, throws barbs at Kraft

Starbucks provided only limited updates Wednesday on its dispute with Kraft Foods Inc., but did say it has been dissatisfied with Kraft for a while and claimed Kraft has failed to effectively work with Starbucks or promote its products.

The two companies entered arbitration after Starbucks announced it wanted to end a 12-year agreement under which Kraft distributes and promotes packaged Starbucks coffee in stores.

Kraft has said the agreement has been mutually beneficial and that it has helped deliver major gains for Starbucks. A Kraft spokesman said Wednesday that the companies’ dispute centers on how Starbucks will take over Kraft’s responsibilities and end the contract. Get the full story »

Starbucks puts the bar into barista in Seattle

Something new is on the menu at a renovated Starbucks in Seattle: beer and wine.

A  store that reopened Monday is the first under the Starbucks brand to offer alcohol. Get the full story »