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Google employee fired after leaking raise memo

From CNNMoney | Google has fired an employee who leaked news that the search giant is giving a 10 percent across-the-board pay raise to it workers. Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced the salary hike in a memo late Tuesday, which was then posted on several blogs, including Business Insider. Get the full story »

Google blocks data from Facebook amid rivalry

Google will begin blocking Facebook and other Web services from accessing its users’ information, highlighting an intensifying rivalry between the two Internet giants.

Google will no longer let other services automatically import its users’ email contact data for their own purposes, unless the information flows both ways. It accused Facebook in particular of siphoning up Google contact data, without allowing for the automatic import and export of Facebook users’ information.

Facebook, with more than 500 million users, relies on email services such as Google’s Gmail to help new users find friends already on the network. When a person joins, they are asked to import their Gmail contact list into the social network service. Facebook then tells the user which email contacts are also on the social network. Get the full story »

Britain says Google Street View breached law

Web search giant Google broke UK law by harvesting emails, Internet addresses and passwords while collecting data for its Street View maps service, Britain’s Information Commissioner said on Wednesday. Get the full story »