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Groupon president and COO leaving

Groupon Inc.’s president and chief operating officer, Rob Solomon, is stepping down as the Internet company remakes itself from a small start-up to a major online player.

The move comes as Groupon, which offers group discount deals, has experienced explosive growth. Solomon, a Silicon Valley veteran who joined the company a year ago, said in an interview he is stepping down partly because “Groupon got really big.” When he joined the company a year ago, the company had 200 employees, but today it has some 6,000, he said. Get the full story »

State incentives help Groupon add 250 jobs in Ill.

Groupon will receive $3.5 million in tax breaks and job training assistance in a state incentive package aimed at helping the fast-growing company create 250 jobs in Chicago rather than expand in other states.

The company allows nearly 25 million consumers to get discounts through group buying power over the internet. Groupon has grown from seven employees to 900 in Chicago over two years, with 2,500 workers worldwide. Get the full story »