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Meet the tireless hunters of the McDonald’s McRib

McDonald's McRib sandwich. (McDonald's)

The elusiveness of McDonald’s McRib sandwich’s has created a fan base of people who go to considerable lengths to munch on one of the boneless pork patties. Ryan Dixon of Burbank, Calif., once drove 10 hours to Medford, Ore., after hearing a McDonald’s there was selling the sandwich.

McRibs, launched in 1981 are almost never available at all McDonald’s restaurants at the same time. Instead, the Oak Brook,, company offers them in different cities at different times, rarely for longer than a few weeks. Get the full story »

Tyson puts up some beefy profit numbers

Meat producer Tyson Foods Inc. reported a higher-than-expected quarterly profit, but shares fell 4 percent on doubts the results can be sustained and that chicken prices may fall.

Tyson’s beef unit had a 5.6 percent profit margin versus 2.4 percent a year ago, while pork margins rose to 10 percent from 3 percent, helped by price increases because of a constricted meat supply. Get the full story »