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‘Owl vs. chihuahua’ most unusual pet insurance claim

Family photo of Chico, the 4-pound Chihuahua attacked by an owl. (AP Photo/Kalomiris family photo)

Little winter jackets for dogs aren’t just frivolous fashion accessories. They can save canines from, say, attacks by huge owls.

In the case of Chico, a 3-year-old chihuahua belonging to George and Dana Kalomiris of Crystal Lake, Ill., a winter jacket proved to be a lifesaver when a great horned owl tried to snatch the dog during a routine bathroom break.

According to the couple’s pet health insurance provider, Brea, Calif.-based Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI), the owl got tangled in the dog’s leash and eventually gave up its prey, but not before dragging Chico through the snow and piercing the dog’s side with one of its talons. The dog’s winter jacket protected him from a deeper wound by a second talon. Get the full story »