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U.S. House rejects FCC’s ‘open’ Internet rules

The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Friday to reject Internet “neutrality” rules that were adopted last year to keep big Internet service providers from blocking certain traffic. Get the full story »

Court dismisses challenges to ‘open’ Net rules

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia dismissed on Monday challenges to an “open” Internet order adopted by the Federal Communications Commission last year.

The court said the challenges filed by Verizon Communications Inc. and MetroPCS Communications Inc. were premature, knocking down the companies’ claims that the rules would modify wireless licenses they hold. Get the full story »

FCC asks court to dismiss net neutrality suits

The Federal Communications Commission filed Friday to dismiss challenges to its new Internet traffic rules, an agency official said. Get the full story »

FCC OKs ‘Open Internet’ regulations

U.S. communications regulators adopted Internet traffic rules on Tuesday that prevent providers from blocking lawful content but still let them ration access to their networks.

The rules aim to strike a balance between the interests of Internet service providers, content companies and consumers, but some industry analysts think a court challenge is still likely. Get the full story »

FCC to take up net neutrality at December meeting

U.S. telecommunications regulators plan to tackle at a Dec. 21 meeting contentious Internet traffic rules intended to prohibit broadband providers from blocking or slowing some traffic.

The Federal Communications Commission announced on Wednesday a tentative agenda for its next meeting that included an order to adopt regulations “to preserve the open Internet as a platform for innovation, investment, competition and free expression.” Get the full story »

U.S. delays web traffic rules

Communications regulators on Wednesday put off a controversial decision on Internet traffic rules, giving industry and consumer groups a chance to forge a compromise while avoiding a politically sensitive issue ahead of the November elections. Get the full story »

Google, Verizon take net neutrality stand

Google Inc.  and Verizon Communications Inc.  on Monday jointly agreed that wireline broadband providers should not be able to discriminate against lawful Internet content providers and that the regulators should have authority to stop offenders.

But the proposal, which takes the form of a suggested legislative framework for consideration by lawmakers, also left room for broadband providers to offer new “differentiated online services,” in addition to the Internet access and video services available today. Get the full story »

FCC pulls out of “net neutrality” talks

Federal regulators are abandoning efforts to negotiate a compromise on so-called “network neutrality” rules intended to ensure that phone and cable companies cannot discriminate against Internet traffic traveling over broadband networks.

The announcement by the Federal Communications Commission ends weeks of FCC-brokered talks to reach an agreement on the thorny issue among a handful of big phone, cable TV and Internet companies. And it comes as two big companies that have been taking part in those talks — Verizon Communications Inc. and Google Inc. — try to hammer out their own proposal on how broadband providers should treat Internet traffic.

According to people briefed on the negotiations, Verizon and Google hope their proposal could help shape legislation in Congress.