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Maintenance issue to cost Continental $230K

The Federal Aviation Administration plans a $230,000 civil penalty against Continental Airlines because it botched a nose wheel replacement on one airplane.

The FAA said Continental failed to install the washer during the replacement of a nose wheel on a Boeing 767 on Aug. 12, 2008. The plane flew 22 flights over 15 days before the problem was discovered, and the washer was installed. The fine amounts to $10,454 for each flight without the washer. Get the full story »

Cadillac joins Lincoln in offering free service

Cadillac it will offer buyers of 2011 vehicles free regular service for four years after purchase or for the first 50,000 miles.

The Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance program covers oil changes, tire rotations, filter changes and vehicle inspections. The first 2011 Cadillacs arrive at dealerships in late summer.

The move by Cadillac, which is owned by General Motors, follows a similar program announced last week by Ford for its Lincoln brand.