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Notebook: Credit cards with the clearest terms

Capital One and Bank of America are the most up-front about the interest rates, fees and rewards on their credit cards, according to a new study by credit card research Web site

Sure, most card applications spell out all the terms in the fine print, but most consumers lack the patience to read the tiny disclosures.

Capital One and Bank of America ranked highest among 10 issuers in clarity on their applications, with scores of 96.4 percent and 95 percent, respectively. Get the full story »

At Lollapalooza, everything that moves is insured

(Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune)

For the music-loving public, the Lollapalooza music festival in Grant Park is all about 130 bands on eight stages over three days.

Not so much for James Chippendale, 42, and Jerid Schmickle, 36.

It’s their job to worry, worry and worry. They prepare for the worst and try to minimize risks at the event, so no one ends up getting sued — or, if they do, they’re at least insured. Get the full story »