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Macy’s to test limited-edition waters in February

New York Times | London’s Kinder Aggugini will be the first designer to participate in a new program at Macy’s, which will rotate designer collections at 250 stores, including in Chicago, every two months to lure young shoppers. The collaborations begin in February.

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Macy’s Gets Fast Fashion

ANY retailer on earth would just about die to create the kind of consumer craze that takes place when H & M introduces a discount designer collaboration (like the heavily touted one from Lanvin coming on Nov. 20). The high-low concept has worked well for Target, Gap and Uniqlo, but the latest store to delve into fast fashion is a bit unexpected in that it is the classically mainstream Macy’s.

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Kinder Aggugini, pictured with his mood board, is collaborating on a line for Macy’s.

Kinder Aggugini’s inspiration board.

Macy’s is expected to announce today that it will sell a series of limited-edition designer collections, beginning in February. Each will be on sale for about two months, until the next collaboration is announced. The first is by