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Chicago Forward: Stocks strong in 2011, not jobs

The stock market is poised to perform well in 2011, but the job market … not so much. That was economic outlook offered by several Chicago-area business experts at a forum Wednesday evening, where some also demanded that city and state politicians tackle swelling fiscal problems.

“I spend a lot of time talking with [company executives] and almost without exception in the last six weeks of the earnings season, the calls have been going better and better,” said John Rogers Jr., chairman and chief executive officer of Ariel Investments. “The CEOs seem more confident, the balance sheets are strengthened and they are starting to talk about hiring again.” Get the full story »

Justice Dept. seeks to halt tax practices of Chicago attorney

The U.S. government has sued a Chicago lawyer, who was a partner at Seyfarth Shaw, to stop him from peddling allegedly sham tax shelters involving Brazilian consumer debt.

The Justice Department said Wednesday that since at least 2003 John E. Rogers has devised illegal tax schemes for more than 100 customers who have claimed more than $370 million in improper tax deductions. Get the full story »