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Jimmy John’s switches to clover sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts.

By Alejandra Cancino and Monica Eng | Jimmy John’s is replacing the alfalfa sprouts on its menu with clover sprouts, the company said today.

The popular restaurant chain pulled alfalfa sprouts from its menus in December after a number of customers tested positive for salmonella. The recent outbreak has infected more than 100 people in 18 states.

Jimmy John’s said the switch will take place immediately in their corporate-owned stores, and that it will ask its franchises to follow suit. Get the full story »

Jimmy John’s pulls sprouts after salmonella probe

Jimmy John’s has asked its franchises to pull alfalfa sprouts believed to be tied to outbreaks of salmonella in Illinois and Wisconsin.

The sandwich chain says it is pulling them as a “good faith and good will gesture.”

Illinois health officials have confirmed that 43 Illinois residents and one Wisconsin resident have salmonella. Get the full story »