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Panel says Apple did not infringe Nokia patents

Apple won a round in its patent battle with Nokia on Friday as a U.S. trade panel ruled that the U.S. company did not violate any of five Nokia patents. Get the full story »

Judge orders Jobs to answer iTunes questions

Apple Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs, who is out on medical leave, has been ordered by a federal judge to answer questions from plaintiffs’ lawyers in an antitrust lawsuit related to his company’s iTunes business. Get the full story »

iPhone, iPod learn to speak Cherokee

Nine-year-old Lauren Hummingbird wants a cell phone for Christmas — and not just any old phone, but an iPhone. Such a request normally would be met with skepticism by her father, Cherokee Nation employee Jamie Hummingbird.

He could dismiss the obvious reasons a kid might want an iPhone, except for this — he’s a proud Cherokee and buying his daughter the phone just might help keep the tribe’s language alive. Get the full story »

Apple challenges $626M patent verdict

Apple Inc.  is challenging the verdict in a patent infringement lawsuit that could force the consumer goods giant to pay up to $625.5 million in damages, according to documents filed with a federal court in Texas on Sunday. Get the full story »

Apple ordered to publicize iPod fix in Japan

Japan’s trade ministry has ordered Apple Inc’s Japan unit to state on its website that users who are concerned about their iPod nano portable music player catching fire can receive a replacement battery.

The ministry ordered Apple to publish an “easy to understand” statement online explaining how users of the devices — responsible for four cases of minor burns in Japan — can receive replacement batteries and obtain advice, a spokesman for the ministry said on Friday. Get the full story »