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IMF urges U.S. to move quicker to cut debt ratios

The International Monetary Fund Tuesday urged the United States to outline credible measures to reduce its budget deficit, pressuring the White House to detail plans to ratchet down record debt levels. Get the full story »

Inflation, oil prices risks to global economy: IMF

Soaring oil prices and inflation in emerging economies pose new risks to global recovery but are not yet strong enough to derail it, the International Monetary Fund said on Monday. Get the full story »

Greece wants to stretch out debt repayment

Stretching out the repayment of Greece’s outstanding debt, beyond its EU/IMF bailout loans, could help the overborrowed country emerge from its debt crisis, its deputy prime minister said Monday.

“I do not believe in haircuts but in extending the repayment period on debt,” Deputy Prime Minister Theodore Pangalos told Skai TV’s New Files show.

“Debt repayment extension may refer not only to the 110 billion euros (of emergency EU/IMF funding) but the entire debt,” he said.