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U.S. approves 3 deepwater wells in Gulf of Mexico

U.S. regulators Monday approved a Royal Dutch Shell PLC plan to drill three exploratory wells in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Interior Department’s green light for the wells in Shell’s Auger field marks the first time U.S. regulators have approved a new deepwater well in the Gulf since the Deepwater Horizon explosion last April and subsequent oil spill.

Google sues Interior Dept. for favoring Microsoft

Google is suing the U.S. government for excluding its products from being considered for a five-year contract worth about $59 million to upgrade the Department of the Interior’s email system.

In a complaint filed on Friday, Google said the government abused its discretion and acted in a manner that was “arbitrary and capricious” by only considering sales proposals with email technology based on Microsoft Corp technology. Get the full story »