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Illinois’ top court forms foreclosure commission

The Illinois Supreme Court on Monday announced the formation of a special committee to investigate the fairness of mortgage foreclosures in Illinois and perhaps change the rules that govern the process. Get the full story »

Consumer watchdogs hit Nicor on ComfortGuard

A large number of Nicor Gas customers are overpaying for a repair service that is rarely used, according to consumer advocates who argue that utility is improperly selling the service through an unregulated affiliate to divert revenue to the utility.

About 20 percent of Nicor customers are signed up for the service — Gas Line ComfortGuard — which covers the cost to inspect and repair a gas leak in a home. They pay $4.95 per month, but just 2 percent of those customers ever need the service, and the average payout is just 10 cents per month per customer, according to an analysis by consumer watchdog group Citizens Utility Board. Get the full story »

Madigan releases guide of recalled toys

Superhero flashlights, Shrek drinking glasses from McDonald’s, a Fisher-Price inflatable ball and a boys’ Santa suit from Macy’s all seem innocent enough. But they were among the 147 children products — some 44 million individual items — recalled so far this year in the United States for being potentially dangerous.

Because the number of recalls has become overwhelming for parents to track — about double the number from last year — the Illinois Attorney General’s office has for the fourth year compiled an annual “Play it Safe” guide of dangerous toys, jewelry, baby gear and clothing. Items in the guide have been recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2010. Get the full story »

State sues credit-rescue firms for ‘preying on Poles’

The Illinois Attorney General’s office filed a lawsuit against Chicago-based Illinois Loan Modification LLC, Omega Business Center, its managers and related businesses, alleging that they preyed on residents of the Chicago-area’s Polish community by falsely promising mortgage and credit card relief.

The suit, filed Tuesday¬† in Cook County Circuit Court, charged that the companies and their affiliates charged upfront fees to consumers but the promised services were never provided and customers who canceled their contracts were not issued refunds. Get the full story »