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Gold tops $1,500 an ounce on economic concerns

Gold prices topped $1,500 an ounce Tuesday as investors looked for more stable assets because of worries about U.S. government debt, European financial problems and inflation. Get the full story »

Gold falls back to $1,400 as equity markets drop

Gold fell back toward $1,400 an ounce on Tuesday, breaking a six-session rally, as turmoil in Libya prompted bullion investors to take profits and as sharp losses in equities and other commodities markets prompted margin selling. Get the full story »

Precious metals steady; CME raises trading costs

(Reuters/Shannon Stapleton)

Precious metals steadied on Wednesday after futures of gold, and particularly silver, plunged in the previous session’s after-hours trade, although the dollar’s strength limited any immediate recovery.

The price of spot gold, which tracks trades in bullion, was up about half percent. Futures of the precious metal in New York showed a loss of up to 1.4 percent during the session, adjusting to Tuesday’s post-settlement trade. Get the full story »

Gold passes $1,400 amid economic fears

Investors looking for safer places to stow their assets pushed gold to a record price above $1,400 an ounce Monday as they become more worried about the global economy.

Gold prices slip as investors take profits

Gold slipped Wednesday as many investors sold holdings for a profit ahead of the Federal Reserve’s decision to buy hundreds of billions more in Treasury bonds to revitalize the economy. Get the full story »

Gold, metals give away some gains

Gold and metals prices sank Thursday, as investors worried that Japan’s central bank might soon take action to weaken the yen. Get the full story »

Gold rises to another record of $1,310 an ounce

Bloomberg News | Gold futures rose to a record for the ninth time since mid-September as the slumping dollar boosted demand for the precious metal as an alternative investment. Silver reached the highest price since 1980. Get the full story »