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Gmail goes more interactive — for April Fool’s

Google goes through the motions of Gmail April Fool's prank.

Google Motion | In time for Aprils Fool’s Day, Google says it’s updated its Gmail to respond to motion commands — no more drag and click, just mug for the webcam. It’s only a joke but with the Kinect controller for Xbox systems, who knows?

Google mimics Facebook with ‘1′ button

In Google’s latest attempt to become relevant in the social networking space, the search giant on Wednesday unveiled a new tool — a “1″ button akin to Facebook’s “Like” button — that allows people to share helpful search links with their friends. Get the full story »

Google accuses China of blocking Gmail

Google Inc. on Monday accused the Chinese government of making it difficult for Gmail users to access the service in the country, the latest development in a rocky relationship between the two. Google said any difficulty users in China may have faced in the past few weeks accessing its email service was likely to be the result of government blocks, a Google spokeswoman said in a statement. Get the full story »

Advocates for blind sue NU over use of Gmail

An advocacy group has filed a complaint with the federal government accusing New York University and Northwestern University of discriminating against the blind by adopting Google’s e-mail program. Get the full story »

Web-based e-mail next for Facebook, sources say

Facebook will unveil changes to its messaging system  Monday, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The changes to the messaging service will be “across the board,” the person said, which could escalate the competition between the world’s No. 1 Internet social networking site and Google Inc . Get the full story »

Google blocks data from Facebook amid rivalry

Google will begin blocking Facebook and other Web services from accessing its users’ information, highlighting an intensifying rivalry between the two Internet giants.

Google will no longer let other services automatically import its users’ email contact data for their own purposes, unless the information flows both ways. It accused Facebook in particular of siphoning up Google contact data, without allowing for the automatic import and export of Facebook users’ information.

Facebook, with more than 500 million users, relies on email services such as Google’s Gmail to help new users find friends already on the network. When a person joins, they are asked to import their Gmail contact list into the social network service. Facebook then tells the user which email contacts are also on the social network. Get the full story »

Facebook, Skype may link services

Social network giant Facebook Inc. and Internet telephone leader Skype SA are in talks to mesh their communications services more closely together, a person familiar with the situation said Wednesday.

Under the partnership, expected to be announced within the next few weeks, Facebook users will be able to sign into Skype through their Facebook Connect accounts. Those users will be able to text message, voice chat and video chat with their Facebook friends from within Skype. Get the full story »

Google settles privacy suit over Buzz network

Google Inc. has settled a lawsuit accusing it of privacy violations in connection with its Buzz social networking service, according to a court document filed Friday.

The settlement filing comes the same day Google said it would simplify and update its privacy policies, Associate General Counsel Mike Yang said on the company’s Web site. Get the full story »

Gmail to add mind-reading priority mailbox

Google is adding a new feature in Gmail that will automatically spotlight important e-mails and separate out the ones you can wait to read later.

The tool, called “priority inbox,“ works like a spam filter, except instead of filtering e-mails that you definitely don’t want to see, it moves the ones you really want to the top. Google said the feature will help users sort through inboxes that fill up with hundreds of automated e-mails that don’t need immediate attention. Get the full story »

Google adds free PC-to-phone calling to e-mail

Google is adding a new e-mail feature that may persuade more people to cut the cords on their landline phones. The service unveiled Wednesday enables U.S. users of Google Inc.’s free Gmail service to make calls from their personal computers to telephones virtually anywhere in the world.