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Chicago sociologist central to Wal-Mart suit

From the New York Times | When the Supreme Court considers on Tuesday whether hundreds of thousands of women can band together in an employment discrimination suit against Wal-Mart, the argument may hinge on the validity of the hotly disputed conclusions of a Chicago sociologist.

Plaintiffs in the class-action suit, who claim that Wal-Mart owes billions of dollars to as many as 1.5 million women who they say were unfairly treated on pay and promotions, enlisted the support of William T. Bielby, an academic specializing in “social framework analysis.” Get the full story>>

Wal-Mart sex-bias suit hits High Court next week

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. will urge the U.S. Supreme Court next week to reject the largest class-action sex-discrimination lawsuit in history, brought by female employees who seek billion of dollars.

The top U.S. court hears arguments March 29 in a suit against the world’s largest retailer for allegedly giving women less pay and fewer promotions at 3,400 U.S. stores since late 1998. Get the full story »

Bayer’s U.S. unit charged with sex discrimination

Six former and current employees of Bayer AG’s U.S. health care arm filed a $100 million gender discrimination lawsuit Monday, claiming the U.S. unit discriminates against its female employees in terms of pay and promotion, as well as pregnancy leave. Get the full story »

EU court bans gender discrimination in insurance

Insurers must stop setting prices based on gender, an EU court ruled, in a move that could raise costs for women drivers, cut male pensions and invite more legal challenges to pricing practices. “Taking the gender of the insured individual into account as a risk factor in insurance contracts constitutes discrimination,” the the European Court of Justice said on Tuesday. Get the full story »

U.S. finds bias against women at Tyson plant

An Illinois meatpacking plant discriminated against women seeking entry-level jobs, the U.S. Labor Department charged in an administrative complaint filed Wednesday.

The plant is owned by a subsidiary of Tyson Foods Inc. The Labor Department said Tyson has made biased hiring decisions at the facility since at least January 2003, when the agency first audited the plant. The alleged discrimination has resulted in the rejection of more than 750 female applicants.

The plant is located in Joslin, which is near the Quad Cities. Get the full story »

Goldman hit with gender-bias suit

Three former female employees of Goldman Sachs & Co. are suing the  Wall Street firm, charging rampant gender discrimination that unfairly favors men in pay and promotions.

The suit filed Wednesday by the three women alleges that Goldman has violated federal and New York City laws by engaging in a systematic “pattern and practice” of discrimination against female professionals at the firm. They are asking a federal judge to certify the case as a class-action suit on behalf of the firm’s women employees. Get the full story »