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Banks, SEC in talks to settle mortgage charges

The Securities and Exchange Commission is in talks with major Wall Street banks to settle fraud allegations relating to the sale of toxic mortgage bonds to various investors that helped unleash the financial crisis, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing sources familiar with the matter. Get the full story »

CFTC advances position plan, more hurdles ahead

Big speculators could face curbs on wheeling and dealing in commodity markets after the Commodity Futures Trading Commission Thursday advanced a plan to cap large positions, but internal dissent could delay final adoption of the plan for months or longer. Get the full story »

Goldman Sachs vows to boost disclosure

Goldman Sachs took a step toward greater transparency Tuesday by pledging to disclose more about how it makes money, seeking to rebut criticism that it has been putting its own interest ahead of clients. Get the full story »

SEC votes to ban ‘naked access’

Federal regulators have mandated new requirements for brokerage firms aimed at reining in risk from their trading customers who get split-second access to markets to buy or sell stocks.

Financial stocks dip as bank mortgage woes mount

Stocks dipped Thursday after another disappointing jobs report and growing concern over how potentially damaging foreclosure documents will weigh on the health of major banks. But losses were mitigated by expectations that the Federal Reserve will have to act soon to strengthen the economy.

CME Group daily trading volume up in September

CME Group Inc.’s daily trading volume rose in September and the third quarter as a whole, the exchange operator said, continuing a trend of growth. Get the full story »

U.S. bankers want part of Basel plan dropped

A leading U.S. banking group is urging Basel Committee negotiators working on new international capital standards to ditch part of their proposal. Get the full story »

U.S. House’s tougher clearing rules a ‘win’ for CME

The U.S. House of Representatives team negotiating derivatives reforms is attempting to tighten a debated loophole that would allow some companies to avoid new rules for the $615 trillion over-the-counter market, according to a document obtained Wednesday.

House negotiators offered a new approach to the so-called “end-user exemption” provided to manufacturers and other non-financial companies who want to avoid the extra costs associated with clearing and trading swaps — one of 110 changes proposed to the derivatives section of the bill as a Thursday deadline looms. Get the full story »