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Fed reveals which banks borrowed during crisis

Foreign banks, regional U.S. banks, and banks fighting for their last chance at survival counted among the heaviest users of the Federal Reserve’s emergency discount lending window during the heat of the 2008 financial crisis. Get the full story »

Treasury brings in $35B to offset bailout losses

The Treasury Department has brought in $35 billion in revenue over two years, boosted by ongoing sales of Citigroup stock, new data show. But the Congressional Budget Office projects taxpayers will still lose $25 billion for bailing out the financial sector and U.S. automakers.

CME Group daily trading volume up in September

CME Group Inc.’s daily trading volume rose in September and the third quarter as a whole, the exchange operator said, continuing a trend of growth. Get the full story »

Fed gets 60-day delay on bailout disclosure

A U.S. appeals court granted the Federal Reserve a 60-day delay in implementing a ruling to force the central bank to reveal details of its emergency lending programs to banks during the financial crisis. Get the full story »

Americans polled say Wall St. curbs won’t work

Americans aren’t convinced new Wall Street rules will prevent a future financial crisis.

An Associated Press-Gfk Poll finds that 64 percent of those surveyed aren’t confident that a financial regulation overhaul before Congress will prevent another meltdown. Get the full story »